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Editor's note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

April 23: A Davenport woman told dispatchers she was missing her spare post office and house keys after a baseball practice.

A caller expressed concern that a fork lift parked in an alley in the 400 block of Maxwell Street in Davenport may prevent a fire truck's access, should an emergency occur.

Deputies took a report of a possible harassment incident in the 800 block of Twelfth Street in Davenport.

A deputy helped a woman deal with a dead battery in her car parked on Broadway Avenue across from Colville's, Inc., in Reardan.

Deputies detained two male individuals involved in a fight in the 800 block of Morgan Street near Davenport Building Supply. An adult man was charged with disorderly conduct and making a false statement to a police officer.

Responding to a caller's concern, a deputy determined that the driver of a mini-van traveling on SR 2 near the county transfer station was tired rather than under the influence of alcohol. The driver agreed to pull over for a time at the Telford rest area.

An unoccupied pickup truck rolled down First Street in Harrington and struck a tree in the 300 block. The truck owner later explained he had forgotten to set the parking brake while unloading items while the vehicle was parked at the top of a hill.

April 24: Creston firefighters kept their eyes on a railroad tie fire that burned all day behind the Circle C.

No one was reported injured when a vehicle struck a guardrail on Interstate 90 in Lincoln County.

Deputies investigated a report of a possible meth lab inside a Sprague area residence.

Responding to a report of a two-vehicle collision at SR 23 and Fourth Street in Sprague, officers determined a Jeep being towed by a pickup truck came loose and crashed through a state Department of Transportation sign.

A utility pole was found down near a railroad crossing at Oregon and Larrabee streets in Edwall.

A woman caller told dispatchers that a pickup truck passed her shortly after she turned onto Miles Creston Road from SR 2 and nearly caused a collision.

A caller reported that a young driver continually speeds on Four Corners Road near SR 2.

Deputies arrested a teenage boy for allegedly assaulting his mother after responding to a domestic violence call from the 1200 block of Park Street in Davenport.

April 25: Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad workers repaired a malfunctioning crossing arm at Doerschlag Road near Sprague.

A Davenport woman told dispatchers she believed a stalker was following her in town.

A Creston woman said she was defrauded by an Arizona company with a disconnected phone number that charged her $61 cash for books sold door-to-door.

April 26: A woman's call about her son who was "rebellious" and refused to wear a seatbelt was transferred to the Washington State Patrol.

A caller advised that a large SUV was driven recklessly and at high speeds throughout the City of Sprague.

Grand Coulee Elementary School personnel requested a deputy's assistance with two students who acted inappropriately on a school bus while it was in Lincoln County.

An individual was taken into custody for driving while under the influence during a traffic stop at Porcupine Bay and Teel Hill roads north of Davenport.

Two women were placed in custody for fighting each other and possible alcohol violations after deputies made a traffic stop on Main Street Road south of SR 2 west of Davenport.

April 27: A man reported a firearm either lost or stolen from his pickup truck while in Davenport or Spokane.

A derailment involving four to five railroad cars on their sides took place on track near the old Sunset Highway about a half mile east of Davenport. Later, Burlington Northern Santa Fe workers were forced to put up barriers to keep people from using buckets to remove wheat from the derailed cars.

A Davenport woman reported her daughter had run away from home after leaving school that morning.

A man turned in a lost cell phone he found at the Telford rest area on SR 2 west of Davenport.

A hit-and-run collision was reported in the Davenport Safeway parking lot. A man told deputies that while backing out of a space, his vehicle was struck by a pickup truck. An individual was taken by ambulance to Lincoln Hospital for treatment of possible injuries.

Wilbur Police investigated a report that two Rottweiler dogs attacked another dog in the 800 block of SW Alder.

April 28: Lincoln Hospital personnel expressed concern about a red Blazer driving around the North Basin Clinic and ambulance barn in Davenport.

Two women were reportedly involved in a possible assault in the 600 block of Lincoln Street in Harrington.

Wilbur Police responded to a collision involving a car and deer on SR 2 in front of AgLink, Inc.

Odessa Police investigated the reported theft of a Titans reader board from its location on East First Avenue.

Reardan Police handled a report that a man's rototiller was missing and that he had received harassing text messages.

Fuel was reported leaking from a gas nozzle at Colvilles, Inc., in Reardan.

April 29: A blind, collarless wiener dog was reported missing from a residence on Gunning Road near Davenport.

An Odessa woman reported someone pointed a BB gun at her residence in the 300 block of South Birch and later shot her cat in the ear.

In an act of vandalism, someone spray-painted walls in both the men's and women's restrooms at the Odessa town park.

Someone shot out windows on an old school bus parked in the 700 block of South Dayton in Sprague.

Deputies looked for a vehicle that reportedly traveled at 100 mph on SR 2 from Spokane to the Deep Creek area, where "multiple bad passes" occurred, according to a caller, who said he last saw the Lincoln Continental parked across from the Red Rooster restaurant in Reardan.

A caller told dispatchers that a black heifer had just jumped a fence onto his property along SR 231 north of Reardan.

Wilbur Police determined that "all was fine" after checking out a report of a man wearing a leather jacket, blue jeans and a skull cap bandana walking around in a backyard behind the Willows Motel.


April 25: Aaron M. Walton, 32, Spokane, held under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

April 26: Michael J. Haworth, 54, Lacey, Wash., arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) for driving while under the influence.

Wade L. Lusk, 42, Spokane, arrested by Reardan Police for failing to appear for driving while license suspended.

April 27: Tesla A. Gorr, 24, Spokane, arrested by LCSO for fourth-degree assault.

Sadie C. Ives, 20, Nespelem, arrested by LCSO for fourth-degree assault, driving while under the influence and while license suspended.

Heidi K. Hemore, 41, Odessa, held under contract with Adams County.

Daniel D. Clark, 52, Spokane, held under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Isaiah J. Antoine, 20, Spokane, held under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Frank S. Smith, 44, Wellpinit, confined two days by the court for driving while under the influence.

April 29: Christopher A. Landis, 23, Cheney, held on an Okanogan County warrant.

April 30: Shalee M. Rottinghaus, 25, Richland, held under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report


Lincoln County Auditor's Office

Dennis Martin Kangas, Jr., 22, and Sarah Rose Mitchell, 21, both of Davenport.


Lincoln County Clerk's Office

New filings - April 20: Calli Marie Jones, a Lincoln County resident, and David Stephen Jones, of Airway Heights, married March 17, 2008, in Spokane, not separated at time of filing, two dependent children of the marriage. Also, 68 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 1 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Criminal Disposition

Robert Paul Buckingham, 27, pleaded guilty April 24 to two counts of third-degree rape of a child, along with possession of depictions of minors in sexual conduct. He was sentenced to 60 months in prison and must pay $800 court costs and an undetermined restitution, have no contact with his 14-year-old victim for five years and be bound by a sexual assault protection order.

Civil Judgments

A transcript of a Feb. 22 Lincoln County District Court judgment awarding $30,281from Ken Pete Marks and Rose Marks, of Spokane Valley, to Russell Jones, of Spokane, was filed with the Superior Court.

Shane L. Tikka, of Davenport, must return $1,399.48 in overpaid unemployment insurance benefits to the Washington State Employment Security Department.

Glinski and Martin, doing business as The Viking in Sprague, must pay $448.25 in workers compensation taxes to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

New Criminal Cases

Eric Calvert Young, 36, Wilbur, is charged with possession of methamphetamine in connection with a Nov. 3, 2011, incident in Wilbur.

Charles Reuben McNeil, 27, Creston, is charged with second-degree theft of a motor vehicle relating to the March 6 taking of a 1984 Toyota from a residence in the 100 block of A Street in Creston.

New Juvenile Offender Matter

A 13-year-old Davenport boy is charged with second-degree assault (domestic violence) in connection with an April 24 incident involving the attempted strangulation of his mother, who also was punched with fists and slapped.

New Civil Case

A May 8 hearing has been scheduled to consider a domestic violence protection order requested by Mary Lavina Hamilton against Robin Ray Mills, of Davenport, in a matter involving a minor child.


Estate of Shawn Michael Maurer, of Davenport, who died April 15.


Joshua F. Grant, Judge

Amanda Rose Bartelme, Mead, no proof of liability insurance presented, fined $190.

Matthew Ian Collinson, Spokane, speeding (14 mph over limit), contested, found committed, fined $88.

Terrence Edward Crinklaw, Grand Coulee, speeding (20 over), $135.

Basil Craig Gordon, Omak, speeding (15 over), contested, found not committed.

Gordon James Graves, Spokane, no insurance, $250.

Kelli Leann Henthorn, Davenport, fail to initially obtain Washington driver's license, $80; no insurance, $250.

Duane Bruce Johnson, Davenport, no insurance, $190.

Sean Kyle Kemmerer, Reardan, speeding (12 over), $95.

Cory Paul Kramer, Odessa, no insurance, dismissed, $25 court costs; defective windshield, contested, found committed, fined $124.

Jordan Michael Leseberg, Spokane, negligent driving, contested, found committed, $250.

Darryl George Ortuno, Omak, speeding (14 over), $95; no insurance, dismissed, $25 court costs.

Richard Allen Radan, Sprague, no seatbelt, $72; no insurance, dismissed, $25 court costs; no valid operator's license, $250.

Raymond Douglas Solomon, Newman Lake, over weight on axle, $490.

Kyle Edward Tempero, Chattaroy, speeding (18 over), $135.

Thomas V. Vander Ende, Odessa, speeding/school crosswalk (Reardan), contested, found committed, $250.

Dennis M. Kangas, Davenport, making false statement to public servant, found guilty in jury trial, $293 court assessments, 12 months unsupervised probation.

Civil Matter

Petitioner Clarence Lee Chafin III was granted a one-year anti-harassment protection order against Charles McNeil on April 30. Both parties are Wilbur residents.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer's Office

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Gilliland Farms, Inc., Harrington, portion of Lots 1-3 and 12, and portions of vacated Fourth Street and vacated adjacent alley, Blk. 26, Original Town of Harrington, except portions conveyed to State of Washington for highway right-of-way, $751.91.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Michael P. and Phyllis Wren, Odessa, Lot 6, Blk. 10, Trantum and Schoonover Addition to Town of Odessa, $2,600.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Grange Supply of Odessa, Odessa, Los 11 and 12, Blk. 12, Trantum and Schoonover Addition to Town of Odessa, $1,300.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Joan Margaret Schmitt, Sprague, 40 by 50 feet of Sixth Street lying south of Lot 9, Blk. 34, First Railroad Addition to City of Sprague, $709.99.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Derek and Brenda Larsen, Ellensburg, west 11 feet of Lot 12 and all of Lot 13, Blk. 78, Railroad Addition to Wilbur, $809.87.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Garry Rosman, Davenport, portion of Sec. 15, T25N, R39E, $4,800.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Scott and Laura Persson, Eureka, Mont., Tract 122 of Hawk Creek Ranches, Segregation Survey Area No. 1, except right-of-way, $6,400.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Roger Page, Davenport, Tract 140 of Hawk Creek Ranches, Segregation Survey Area No. 1, $2,500.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Charles O. and Susan A. Bross, Renton, Wash., portion of Sec. 30, T26N, R36E, $5,300.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Ray and Kathleen Strozyk, Creston, portion of Sec. 19, T27N, R35E, $9,600.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Robert Baker, Normandy Park, Wash., portion of Sec. 35, T27N, R37E, $3,900.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Travis Robbins, Spokane, portion of Sec. 35, T27N, R37E, $5,400.

Robertson Automotive LLC, Wilbur, to WBE LLC, Mercer Island, Wash., Lots 5-7, Blk. 5, and Lots 3-6, Blk. 10, Resurvey and Homestead Addition to Town of Wilbur, portion of vacated alley in Blk. 10, and portion of the south 8 feet of vacated Cole Street adjoining on the north, $130,500.

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Lincoln County, Davenport, Lot 4, of Bromstad Plat to the Town of Odessa, $0.

James D. Mann (trustee, Jack M. Mann Testamentary Trust), Reardan, to James D. Mann, et al, Reardan, portions of Sec. 12, T25N, R38E; Sec. 16, T24N, R39E; and Sec. 26, T26N, R39E, $0.

Dell R. Mires and Tabatha A. Mires, Waterville, to David P. Garnetti and Margie E. Garnetti, Puyallup, Lot 1 of Ringneck Short Plat, $0.

Kendrick de Booy and Barbara K. de Booy, Wilbur, to FDRSOM, LLC, Wilbur, portion of Sec. 25, T28N, R32E; and portion of Sec. 30 T28N, R33E, $0.

John M. Sontag and June Sontag, Elk Grove, Calif., to Kodiak LLC, Tacoma, portion of Sec. 8, T26N, R36E, $100,000.

Kirk Lent and Heidi Lent, Gig Harbor, to Lee S. Johnson and Laura A. Johnson, Everett, Lot 4, Amended Willow Grouse Short Plat, $85,000.

Gail L. Bishop (successor personal representative, will of Clyde Bishop), Spokane Valley, to Gail L. Bishop (trustee, will of Clyde Bishop), Spokane Valley, portion of Sec. 14, T27N, R31E, $0.

Wagon Wheel Investments, LLP, Spokane, to Cody J. Hostick and Donna J. Hostick, Kennewick, No. CMC-F-Parcel F of Final Short Plat of Mill Canyon Ranch, $63,900.

C. Lee Laughbon, Davenport, to Natalie Deking (undivided one-half interest), Burbank, Wash., and RWD, LLC (undivided one-half interest), Spokane, undivided one-half interest in portion of Sec. 4, T27N, R37E, $174.80.

Robert A. Dalton, Sprague, to Esther Louise Hasse-Dalton, Reardan, portion of Sec. 10, T25N, R39E, $0.

Lisa Wilson (personal representative, Estate of Rex E. Gibson), Moses Lake, to James Alan Boss, Odessa, portions of Lots 3 and 4, Blk. 13, Original Town of Odessa, $6,500.

Thomas E. Goetz, Odessa, to Terrance L. Goetz, Odessa, Lot 5, Blk. 15, Original Town of Odessa, gift.

Lydia M. Widmer, et al, Wilbur, to Albert J. Semprimoznik and Gayle E. Semprimoznik, Seven Bays, portion of Sec. 20, T26N, R32E, $27,000.

Dell R. Mires and Tabatha A. Mires, Waterville, to Matthew J. Meile and Julie D. Meile, Black Diamond, Wash., Lot 3 of Ringneck Short Plat, $98,000.

Stanton B. Stewart, I. Nannette Stewart and Constance Rae Sprague, Belvidere, Ill., to Don Sorensen Family LLC, Almira, portion of Sec. 12, T27N, R31E, $195,600.


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