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Charm found in Odessa


Makayla Nelson and Charleigh Cornett brought the object shown in the picture into The Record office on July 15. They said they found it tied to a bench in front of Odessa Foods and decided to investigate. The object turned out to be a note written on fabric, tied around an empty thread spool and decorated with a feather, a bead and a snowflake Christmas decoration.

Attached and wound around the empty spool was a note written on yellow fabric which read, “Hi gorgeous, beautiful person. The greatest gift is the present. You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but today we made a connection. If you are curious to know what this is about, go to my webblog @

After seeing the blog, it seems a woman/blogger is leaving a tribute trail to honor her daughter, passed away, who left a similar trail of her own. This tribute trail is being left, two charms each day, while the blogger from Canterbury, England, is on vacation in California, Oregon and Washington. The blogger is writing on her blog about each place she left a charm and has completed seven stories so far. The charm found in Odessa had number 18 written on it.


Reader Comments

Charleigh writes:

And writing the article was my moms and aunts idea, i didn't think about writing an article. That was very kind of you to put those in diff. places for your sister, she must have meant alot to you sincerely, Charleigh Cornett

Charleigh writes:

Hi I just saw your post and i was wondering why did you put the charm in such a small town like Odessa?

Catherina writes:

How lovely to write a little news article about the charm I left in your town. I just found out. Here are the links to the blog posts about Kiama's Charm in Odessa:


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