February 18 trapshoot results for Marlin/Odessa


February 22, 2018

The Inland Northwest Trapshoot competition, sponsored by the Spokesman Review newspaper of Spokane, completed week seven on Sunday, February 18.

Marlin Gun Club

On February 18, 54 members of the Marlin Gun Club faced the bitter cold of 25 degrees with winds out of the NE at 30 mph and horizontal snow. Out of those 54 die-hard members, Dan Asker was the only one to shoot a perfect score of 25.

Shooting 24 were Mark Iksic, Dave Lang and Tristan Rocha.

Mark Edwins, Rich Swanson, Jim Schell, Carmen Eckhart and Chase Conahan shot 23, and Doug Starkel, Mark Vandeweghe, Camden Eckhart, Brett Ottmar, Cody Follett and Gage Starkel all shot 22.

Shooting 21 were Austin Nelson, Mark Brashear, Ron Lesser, Josh Gray, Rob Imbert and Taeven Brashear.

In the 20 and under category were Bill James, Jim Imbert, Scott Mortimer, Dave Asker, Daryl Kimble, Ken Thompson, Kevin Myre, Ken Eckhart, Dusty Kimble, Doug Brashear, Brent Finkbeiner, Jeff Norley, Jakob Starkel, Kaden Johnson, Susan James, Noel Bowden, Brian Finkbeiner, Juan Rocha, Tyson Visker, Jon Hettingh, Kass Kimble, Tyson Decker, Charlene Krause, J.D. Blum. Jessie True, Dakota McAfee, Tori Decker, Garrett Johnson, Kevin Heer, Isabelle Kramer, Mark Kramer, Teri Kramer and Marc Janett.

The High Handicap winners were Camden Eckhart and Dan Asker, who tied at 23.

The High Doubles award went to Austin Nelson with 45.

The Miss-N-Out contest was won by Carmen Eckhart.

Odessa Gun Club

In Odessa, no one thawed out enough to get all 25 targets. Landon Lobe, Jared Praetorius and Markus Smith all shot 24.

No one shot 23, but Bill Weber, Nick Tebow, Brady Gies and Tyler Smith shot 22, and Lane Lobe and Brandon Larmer shot 21.

Shooting 20 and under were Cody Larmer, Daeton Deife, Brone Hudsell, Josh Houck, Jared King, Brian Wraspir, Cody Stanford, Jon Fink, Jim Smith and Kiegan Wehr.

The high handicap shooter was Markus Smith.


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