Writer wants team kept together in 13th District


August 2, 2018

To the Editor:

I read with interest Ms. Cooks (Davenport Times 7/19) indictment of Matt Manweller, our current 13th District Legislative Representative. Apparently being under investigation is good enough to disparage him. To be more accurate, the investigation is over, but the outcome has not been released. And to suggest he hasn’t been effective on the job for the people of this District, for years, is inaccurate and silly.

Matt is a family man, professor of political science and teaches constitutional law. He’s been a GOP representative for the 13th Legislative District since 2012 and has worked on a long list of educational, security, water, property and capital projects. He’s got experience and leadership. To so casually dismiss his expertise is prejudiced and short sighted.

Matt works with Senator Judy Warnick and Representative Tom Dent in the state legislature. Together they are responsible for Lincoln County’s grant money from the state in support of $500K for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, $300K for well monitoring and $375K for the Harrington Opera House, to name a few. That’s in addition to some heavy lifting regarding the Hirst water issue. And, importantly, they fought and helped stop the Dems push for a state income tax, capital gains tax and carbon tax. It was a collaborative effort on our behalf, and the entire 13th Legislative District. It’s an honor to have them in our court.

Matt in particular is a dedicated and brilliant guy who I support. Ms. Hammond, his opponent in the current race, is nice and smart, but I want Matt working for me and my family. Keep the team in the 13th. They work for all of us.

Mary Blechschmidt

Seven Bays


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