By Tim DeWulf
Odessa High School Salutatorian 

2021 Salutatorian's Welcome


Last updated 6/10/2021 at 8:11am

Terrie Schmidt-Crosby

Salutatorian Tim DeWulf presents his welcoming.

Good morning! Welcome and thank you for attending the graduation ceremony of the graduating class of 2021. We are glad you could attend this ceremony even with the Covid-19 virus going around. 

As always, we would not be here if it was not for a few people who deserve to be recognized. First off, our parents. Our parents pushed us when we didn't want to continue. They pushed us when playing video games sounded a whole lot better than going to school. Without them, this day would not have been possible. Thank you.

Our teachers, who pushed us so that we could experience this day. Whether it was teaching us that "2 plus 2 is 5"... or "como te llamas" means "how are you"... or even "Helen Keller and Rosa Parks were the same person." Thank you.

Our coaches, who made us strive for greatness and taught us that hard work does pay off. That dedication and responsibility play a huge role in life. Thank you.

To anyone else who has been along on the journey with us. Thank you.

To my class: This is it. Off to new beginnings. We don't have our parents to do our laundry anymore, sorry, Jett. Our experience in this small town of Odessa high school has shaped who we are and allowed us to grow. Love you guys! Once again thank you for joining us and wish us luck on our journey.


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