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 By Pat Gamache    Opinion

In for the fight of his life day after day

[Editor’s note: Pat Gamache of Odessa continues the story of his dealings with the medical profession and battles with addiction and illness. This series concludes this week with an intro message from Pat and a shared email from... — Updated 1/18/2020


Do babies have ways of communicating?

Jalen, aged 12, from North Carolina asked Dr. Universe whether babies have ways of communicating. Dr. Universe responds: Dear Jalen, Babies can communicate in a few different ways. For the most part, they use their emotions.... — Updated 1/18/2020


What a rough life we all lead here in USA

To the Editor: Life in these United States in 2019. We sit in our comfortable living rooms or dens, watching TV. We read the sports pages and enjoy drinking and partying at tailgate parties. We overeat and try to lose weight by... — Updated 1/18/2020


Letter to the Editor: Working with what unites us, not what divides us

To the Editor: We Americans have more that unites us than divides us. The majority of Americans, regardless of political persuasion, ethnic background, race and economic status, agree on the following: Make health care more... — Updated 1/18/2020


Letter to the Editor: Star atop Christmas tree is work of Brady Haase

To the Editor: As a citizen and member of the Old Town Hall Rejuvenation Society, I want to acknowledge Brady Haase for designing and making the beautiful star sitting atop our community Christmas tree. It is special and... — Updated 1/18/2020


Nigerian Christmas a celebration with family

To the Editor: Nigerian Christians celebrate Christmas in special ways. If possible, most return to the village of their ancestors, even those living abroad. Beginning early on Christmas Day, goats are brought to slaughter, and... — Updated 12/15/2019


Thanks to local medical community from U of W

To the Editor: At this time of Thanksgiving, we pause to give thanks to those who enrich our lives. At the University of Washington School of Medicine in partnership with Gonzaga University, we are especially grateful for the... — Updated 12/6/2019


Constitution is a plan for war and peace decisions

To the Editor: Every year Nancy and I start vegetables indoors in little cups. Within a few months we take them outside to plant. We have gotten very good at nurturing our plants from sprouting to harvesting. And, come planting... — Updated 12/6/2019



In response to Traig Weishaar’s letter to the editor this week, we would like to call attention to our original reporting on May 23, 2019, in which we covered the presentation by... — Updated 11/4/2019


Writer objects to info in HempTech article

To the Editor: Check the facts before you publish, please. I’d like to offer two corrections to your article in the October 24th paper, “Hemp plant deal falls through at last minute.” First, your statement “HempTech... — Updated 11/4/2019

 By Pat Gamache    Opinion

A personal history - Battling against addictions

Addiction comes to us in many different ways, some of which we have very little control over! I’ve been addicted to a few different things in my day, while living with some cognitive deficiencies from a severe head injury from a... — Updated 10/23/2019


A note from the Chamber president on the 49th D-Fest and coming 50th

Nearly three weeks have passed since the 49th annual Deutschesfest. It was, by most accounts, a successful one. Great weather, no conflict from the Spokane Fair, and strong marketing efforts by our local businesses and chamber... — Updated 10/17/2019


Writer says campaign here has gotten ugly

To the Editor: I’m writing this to the citizens of Odessa. With the election coming up, rumors circulating and threats being made to the people campaigning, no wonder they are afraid to run for town council. Is this what you... — Updated 10/9/2019


Humanitarian response is requested by writer

To the Editor: Chip Chip Chip away. Do you notice the chipping away of human rights of migrants and reduction of total number of refugees by the present administration? Day after day, it creates an even more cruel way to block... — Updated 9/19/2019


Biggest challenge facing high school sports today: Parents and adult fans

Inappropriate adult behavior at high school athletic events in Washington has reached epidemic proportion. When more than 2,000 high school athletic directors were asked in a recent national survey what they like least about their... — Updated 9/16/2019


Boycott, divest, sanction: Non-violent protest actions

To the Editor: July 4, 2019, Independence Day – a day to celebrate our freedoms. What many people of Washington state don’t know is that our senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, voted to limit our freedoms – freedom to... — Updated 8/23/2019 Full story


Museum support needed, says Historical Society

To the Editor: I am writing as a member of the Odessa Historical Society, asking for your help. Our local museum began with much volunteer help many years ago, just as it continues to run today. It has weathered a devastating fire... — Updated 8/15/2019

 By Pat Gamache    Opinion

Things that go bump in the night

They only come out at night! They hide inside, so they can’t be seen during the day, like the vampires they are. They don’t suck your blood, but they will make you bleed when they strike. They poke their heads out from time to... — Updated 8/8/2019


Reader recalls many fond memories on recent trip

To the Editor, I appreciate receiving The Record weekly. The inclusion of Harrington and Mohler old and new news is especially appreciated. (Marjorie Womach is a Mohler friend. Her mother, Elizabeth Womach Dammel, was my piano... — Updated 7/19/2019 Full story


Fireworks not fun for everyone

Another 4th of July in Odessa, and I believe the people with illegal fireworks went all out. Now I know that some are unaware that fireworks that go “bang” or fly in the air and go “bang” are illegal, and there are others... — Updated 7/12/2019 Full story


Water system regionalization explored

(Davenport, WA July 1, 2019) Lincoln County municipal leaders, public works staff, and contract water system operators came together recently to talk about the challenges of maintaining their water and wastewater systems. Besides... — Updated 7/4/2019 Full story

 By Dyanne Deering    Opinion

Mad, fat, bipolar woman is back

I’m back! I know, “What could she possibly have to tell us now?” I would like to talk to you all about the “shocking truth” of Fibromyalgia. This is a condition that I was diagnosed with several years ago and, as my life... — Updated 7/4/2019


Letter to editor Farewell to beloved pet

To the Editor: I write this as a form of therapy for me! It helps in finalizing the passing of our dog (son) Tristen. As I walk through the house, picking up Tristen’s toys after having to put him down for an aggressive decline... — Updated 7/4/2019 Full story


Careful reading of Mueller report urged by writer

To the Editor: This what I have learned from reading the Mueller Report: 1) Mueller’s job was limited to investigating any links between Russia and the Trump campaign along with any other matters that came up during the investiga... — Updated 7/4/2019 Full story


Hospitality of Odessa wins the hearts of hikers

To the Editor: Last week, 21 retirees from Olympia spent three days in Odessa. We hiked through the coulees, looked at birds, studied geology, learned about local history, golfed and enjoyed local refreshments. Lake Creek Coulee ha... — Updated 5/17/2019 Full story


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