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 By Drew Lawson    Opinion

Wilson trade signals end of an era

“Bye Bye Russ.” That was the text buzzing through my phone from a friend that alerted me to the unthinkable news Seattle Seahawks fans have been secretly dreading but fighting... — Updated 3/10/2022


Letter to the Editor

 — Updated 3/10/2022

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Ireland: Clean, greener and reopening

When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around March 17, the Irish have lots to celebrate. Ireland is still clean and green. Now, it is spending $15 million to bring visitors back. Irish... — Updated 2/24/2022

 By David Haugen    Opinion

No room for coronavirus rebels

“Wear masks!” “Social distance!” “Wash hands!” “Do not gather!” “Don’t be a danger!” “Quarantine!” “Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate!” “Follow the science!” “Listen; do not speak!” “Stay in... — Updated 2/24/2022

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Broaden Snake River salmon review

Washington Sen. Patty Murray and Gov. Jay Inslee announced in October, they’ll listen to diverse viewpoints with open minds to recover salmon and potentially breach the four... — Updated 2/17/2022


We need more nurses, not more regulations

At a recent press conference, Gov. Jay Inslee was asked several questions about the state’s nursing shortage, a problem that existed long before the COVID-19 era. Reporters were stabbing around at various solutions being... — Updated 2/17/2022


Public schools have a lack of funding

Having served as a public school superintendent for 20 years, I wanted to offer some thoughts regarding the recent guest column that ran in the Times titled. "Despite what they... — Updated 2/11/2022

 By Audrey Wagner    Opinion

A Tail That Didn't Wag

Early one very cold morning, a knock at the door revealed a couple who were enroute to Canada. The lady was holding a small, quivering, bleeding puppy they found on the Waukon Road who needed medical attention. Seeing a coyote in... — Updated 2/11/2022

 By Rob Coffman    Opinion

What's with 4-H, WSU Extension in Lincoln County?

You may have heard rumors that local funding for these programs could be in jeopardy. That was true on several fronts, but those issues were resolved before the holidays. The... — Updated 2/11/2022

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Palouse Falls trails should remain open

Palouse Falls has long been one of my favorite places to hike. Over the years, I’ve hiked the mile or so trek to the top of the main falls on numerous occasions. I’ve hiked it... — Updated 2/10/2022

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Drop the assault on natural gas

Last year, Gov. Jay Inslee attempted an end run around the legislature by banning natural gas in new homes and commercial buildings via the state’s building codes. It was a bad... — Updated 2/10/2022

 By Jeff Schibel    Opinion

A word from the OMHC Board

First and foremost, Happy New Year to everyone. The year 2021 saw a lot of changes at OMHC, from personnel to a new computer system to figuring out how to spend the CARES funding. It is my belief that 2022 will be somewhat... — Updated 2/3/2022

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Emergency powers reform testimony

In an emergency, governors need broad powers to act fast. Legislative bodies inevitably take longer to assemble and act than a single executive, so they temporarily delegate their... — Updated 2/3/2022

 By Liv Finne    Opinion

Despite what they say, public schools have plenty of funding

As we conclude National School Choice Week 2022, people around Washington state are about to hear a familiar refrain: Public schools need more money. Official reports, however,... — Updated 2/3/2022

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Family owned businesses survive bad time

We are only a couple of weeks into 2022 and it is already shaping up to be another challenging year for America’s 5.5 million family businesses dealing with the coronavirus... — Updated 1/27/2022

 By Chris Cargill    Opinion

Restoring faith in public education

How much worse do schools have to get before parents and public officials take a stand? It’s the question many are asking following the release of Washington state’s latest round of poor K-12 public school test scores. The... — Updated 1/27/2022


Privilege serving airmen of Fairchild Air Force Base

For the past 20 months as the 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander, I’ve had the distinct privilege of working for and serving the Airmen of Fairchild Air Force Base. These men and w... — Updated 1/20/2022


Letter to the Editor

Walk the Talk 1991. South Georgia. A thirteen-year-old white boy goes to a Black girl about his age crying in the grocery store. They talk for a few minutes. Her crying ends. They talk a bit more. He rejoins his family. Her head... — Updated 1/19/2022

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Time to replace state's longterm care legislation

The first order of business when Washington state’s Legislature convenes in Olympia is replacing the state’s new long-term care law. It is fatally flawed. Gov. Jay Inslee and... — Updated 1/19/2022

 By Mark Schoesler    Opinion

Representing the 9th District

My first session was way back in 1993, and as a freshman state representative, I was very humbled and excited about being elected to serve the people of the 9th District in the House. Now, almost 30 years later, I’m still... — Updated 1/13/2022

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Hydroelectric storage yields benefits

Increasing river flows to wash young salmon to sea works; however, once water goes down stream, it is gone. What if we could recycle it in key parts of the Columbia River system... — Updated 1/13/2022

 By Liv Finne    Opinion

Race inequity taught in public schools

Widespread and irresponsible claims you may have heard that Critical Race Theory (CRT) and race discrimination are not taught in public schools are false. Last month voters elected... — Updated 12/29/2021

 By Lance Izumi    Opinion

Homeschooling will boom long after COVID-19

Public school student enrollment has nosedived as parental disgust with school COVID-19 policies, student learning losses and controversial curricula has gone through the roof. In the wake of this enrollment implosion,... — Updated 12/29/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Grinch has slipped into schools

Merry Christmas! There. I said it. Not happy holidays, but Merry Christmas. It’s Christmas time here and around the world. Throughout our region, families are shopping for... — Updated 12/22/2021

 By Liv Finne    Opinion

End union power, improve education

Earlier this year, state legislative leaders said they wanted to reduce institutional racism in the public schools by enacting Senate Bill 5044 and similar bills to require that... — Updated 12/22/2021


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