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 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Time for a Washington special session

Last week, the Idaho House of Representatives approved legislation calling for Gov. Brad Little to end his state’s emergency declaration. Shortly thereafter, the Idaho Senate... — Updated 9/8/2020

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Colder weather could further chill restaurant recovery

Sunny summer weather helped restaurant owners and workers recover after they were broadsided by the coronavirus pandemic last March. However, as fall morphs into winter and diners... — Updated 9/1/2020

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

New nuclear needs solution inclusion

Our environmental quality strategy must be encompassing and not just focus on climate change. If Americans are to receive all of their electricity without coal and natural gas by... — Updated 8/25/2020


Eliminating trade barriers U.S. and Canada recover from the pandemic

The U.S.-Canada border will remain closed for non-essential travel until at least Sept. 21. President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau mutually agreed to seal the world’s longest... — Updated 8/24/2020

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Support a legislative special session?

California lawmakers addressed their COVID budget situation back in June. Oregon lawmakers are meeting this week in a special session to do the same. According to the National... — Updated 8/18/2020

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Good news would make 'Scoop' Jackson happy

That actually happened in the course of the last month. The result would undoubtedly please the legendary U.S. Senator Henry ”Scoop” Jackson (D-WA) – the master problem solver... — Updated 8/17/2020


Upswing in direct food purchasing

One of the great benefits of living in a rural community is our ability to enjoy food grown locally. Families appreciate easy access to high quality nutrition. Many farms and... — Updated 8/17/2020

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Washington has too many statewide elected officials

Hopefully you’ve already voted or are soon heading to ballot drop box. Now let’s work to reduce the number of statewide elected offices. At present the people of Washington... — Updated 8/12/2020

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Dams appear safe for now

Dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers provide an appropriate balance between the economic needs of Eastern Washington and fish protections. While we already knew that here in... — Updated 8/10/2020


Governor's office knew unemployment would run out

Records obtained through the public records request process show that officials in the Governor’s office knew on May 1st that the Employment Trust Fund balance would be eventually depleted but did not admit this publicly until... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Initiative aims to limit governor's power

Gov. Jay Inslee may order quarantines and business shutdowns, but he cannot enforce them. In agreeing with that argument – presented by attorneys for the governor – U.S.... — Updated 8/3/2020

 By Wade Magers    Opinion

Sheriff shines spotlight on Lincoln County communications center and jail

DAVENPORT - "9-1-1 What is the location of your emergency?" This phrase is used multiple times a day in the Lincoln County Communications Center, where nine full-time dispatch/corre... — Updated 7/20/2020

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Governor's power subject to check?

Gov. Jay Inslee continues to extended the state of emergency related to the COVID pandemic and is re-issuing his prior coronavirus emergency orders. I initially believed that under... — Updated 7/20/2020


Odessa Record letter to the editor policy

The Odessa Record publishes letters to the editor of civic nature relating to area, state and national issues and politics. Letters should be limited to 250 words, and cited facts... — Updated 7/20/2020

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

School-return plan should be colorblind

Welcome to the segregated public schools of Washington state. According to the “Reopening Washington Schools 2020 District Planning Guide,” some public school students are more... — Updated 7/20/2020

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Will Washington really punt budget action until January?

What once seemed inevitable is now growing unlikely – a special session to balance the state’s budget. This is why it was so important to act before the new spending increases... — Updated 7/13/2020

 By Brock Hires    Opinion

America is out of control

Perhaps 2020 will be best described in history books as the year a virus from China caused a global pandemic, massive riots erupted across the country, the Black Lives Matter... — Updated 7/13/2020


Not just black, but all lives matter

This letter to the editor might trigger some folks to extreme discomfort. Today, as I was driving to Lincoln Hospital, I noticed a large sign posted just outside the parking lot that stated “Black Lives Matter, Believe It, Live... — Updated 7/10/2020


Facemask debate continues

I was disheartened to learn of Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza’s dismissal of Gov. Jay Inslee’s order requiring facemasks. Heeding the advice of experts makes you wise, not a sheep. I have family in Odessa, and I have visited... — Updated 7/10/2020


Are we ready to present 'Darwin Awards?'

Teaching psychology for 20 years at Spokane Falls Community College was such a learning experience for me. I hope the students also learned a lot about the “scientific study of behavior and mental processes.” When teaching the... — Updated 7/10/2020


Time for Eastern Washington to be autonomous

Since Gov. Inslee has decided to rule the eastern colonies of Washington by decree and considering the apparent acceptance of “free zones” in Seattle, perhaps it’s time to start calling ourselves the "East Washington... — Updated 7/10/2020

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Like Poland, America needs change

On July 4, 1975, America proudly celebrated its Bicentennial as the world’s greatest nation while Poland was a suppressed Soviet satellite state. Poles had no right to free... — Updated 7/10/2020


Farm resiliency reduces stress

Planting and emergence progress for both corn and soybeans are currently ahead of the five-year average across the Midwest. But, still fresh in farmers’ minds is the 2019 planting season, which was severely delayed due to... — Updated 7/1/2020

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Washington must change to stay on top

In early June, the financial website WalletHub released its rankings of “Best and Worse State Economies” and Washington led the field of 51 as best by a healthy margin.... — Updated 7/1/2020

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Is your smartphone being tracked?

Are government agencies and big tech tracking your every move via your smartphone? The answer is maybe. Gov. Jay Inslee has repeatedly said the state is using smartphone data to tra... — Updated 7/1/2020


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