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Letters to the editor

If (last week’s comic) is referring to HR1, which makes election fraud even easier, then it may make some sense. Every fraudulent vote suppresses a legitimate one. However, I believe it refers to the just passed comment sense... — Updated 4/8/2021


Political Cartoon

 — Updated 4/8/2021

 By Marck Schoesler    Opinion 

Senate operating budget is proof Democrats can't resist higher spending

The Senate operating budget for 2021-23 was approved on April 1 by a 27-22 vote, with two Democrats joining all Republicans in opposition. It is fitting this plan (Senate Bill 5092) was passed on April Fools’ Day. The sharp... — Updated 4/8/2021

 By Liv Finne    Opinion 

Union's back-door effort to kill popular charter school bill is telling

Lawmakers are rightly showing great concern about improving the quality, graduation rates, equal treatment and fairness in public schools. Some even say the traditional public... — Updated 4/8/2021

 By Todd Myers    Opinion

Learn the lessons 2020 taught us

The poor are oppressed by the incompetent. It is a phrase that increasingly rings in my ears as I watch government bureaucracies and politicians provide false hope instead of... — Updated 4/1/2021

 By Tim Sheldon    Opinion

Dodging the public capital gains vote reveals elitism

This will sound funny anywhere outside Olympia, but there is a question that for years has stumped half the Legislature. If an income tax is so good for the people of the state of W... — Updated 4/1/2021


Political Cartoon

 — Updated 3/25/2021

 By Perry Dozier    Opinion

Starter income tax is bad enough

Last week, the Legislature got a terrific piece of news. State tax collections have rebounded despite one of the worst economic situations we’ve ever faced. The latest projection... — Updated 3/25/2021

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Keeping America's semiconductor edge is paramount

Surprisingly, there is something U.S. Presidents agree upon — America’s economic and national security hinge upon maintaining our technology edge in semiconductors. Those tiny... — Updated 3/25/2021


Letter to the Editor

Modern extension of the 1964 civil rights bill Beware of what is happening in Washington, D.C., where the so-called Equality Act is now in the Senate after passing the House with President Biden’s support. This act is supposedly... — Updated 3/18/2021


Political Cartoon

 — Updated 3/18/2021

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Still time for lawmakers to act on emergency powers reform

We are now more than halfway thru the 2021 Legislative Session and have passed the important House of Origin cutoff. This is technically when bills start to die. Among the bills... — Updated 3/18/2021

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

TVW, an antidote for dwindling trust in media

America’s media is suffering from a truth deficit leaving many to wonder where to go for honest, reliable and accurate information. Unfortunately, it is not the mainstream or... — Updated 3/18/2021


Left of the aisle

I was raised in Odessa, and conservative. I manned phone banks in Spokane for Nixon in ‘68. Now, 50 years later, I have a second worldview. I’ve had much more life experience, and am acutely aware of the anger you feel for... — Updated 3/11/2021 Full story


Political Cartoon

 — Updated 3/11/2021

 By Jim Honeyford    Opinion

Why is daylight saving still a thing?

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 14, daylight saving time for 2021 will begin, clocks will spring forward an hour, and Washingtonians will once again ask themselves how this annual... — Updated 3/11/2021

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Austin's tax incentives, friendliness is working

These days the mere mention of tax incentives for factories touches off a major firestorm in Seattle and you’d better be looking for an expeditious way out of town. Not so in... — Updated 3/11/2021

 By Pam Lewison    Opinion

Agriculture is fighting for survival

Some moments lend themselves to hyperbole. That amazing fishing trip from seven years ago; the winning free throw at a high school basketball game; the marriage proposal when time stood still. Or 2020, when Washington agriculture... — Updated 3/4/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

HB 1356 panders to PC power brokers

It’s a solution in search of a problem. Lawmakers in Olympia appear to be fast-tracking House Bill 1356, which would ban the use of “racially derogatory or discriminatory... — Updated 3/4/2021

 By Tim Eyman    Opinion

Eyman vows to appeal First Amendment restrictions

In the past 22 years, by working together with our thousands of heroic supporters, we’ve qualified 17 statewide initiatives for a public vote. They all limited the government’s... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By Don C. Brunell    Opinion

Removing Snake River dams is unwise

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson’s $33 billion plan to remove the lower Snake River dams is unwise. However, if he pushes it, he needs include the impact of breaching dams in his... — Updated 2/25/2021


Political Cartoon

 — Updated 2/17/2021

 By Judy Warnick    Opinion

Helping rural communities access affordable housing investments

We are fast approaching the halfway point of the 2021 legislative session. There have been some challenges conducting business as usual for the Legislature during this unusual time... — Updated 2/17/2021

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Regionalization doesn't work

Have you bought into Gov. Jay Inslee’s newest coronavirus recovery scheme, his “Healthy Washington-Roadmap to Recovery?” If you haven’t, you’re not alone. In fact, many... — Updated 2/17/2021

 By Bill Stevenson    Opinion

One person's feelings might get people arrested

A new proposed law smells like tyranny. House Bill 1283 would make it illegal for three people or more to open-carry firearms if someone else “feels threatened.” It would be a gross misdemeanor. If a person in “any way... — Updated 2/11/2021 Full story


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