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Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, Jan. 2: Snowy conditions resulted in several reports of vehicles that got stuck or slid off roadways throughout the county, including on Third Street near Fitness Lane in Davenport, on Nye Road just south of Landt Road northwest of Reardan, on Harrington-Tokio Road between the cemetery and Harrington School, on Coffeepot Road and Huddle Corner, on Harker Canyon Road just off SR 25 north of Davenport, and on U.S. 2 near Wilbur.

A deputy advised that Old Sunset Highway and Mondovi Road were “almost impassable.” Later, his patrol car was briefly stuck in the vicinity of Mondovi and Ziemantz roads.

Two- to three-foot drifts were reported on Harrington-Tokio Road, where a semi-truck got stuck and blocked traffic just south of Harrington near the cemetery.

Batum Road from SR 28 to the county line, along with Davis Road, “needed to be closed,” a caller advised.

Emergency medical personnel, including a LifeFlight aerial ambulance, were on stand-by for a time in the initial response to a report that a pickup truck collided with the cliff wall in the SR 231 canyon north of Reardan. As it turned out, there were no injuries as a result.

Deputies investigated a report from the Sprague area that a woman’s life had been threatened in a social media message.

Tuesday, Jan. 3: After dispatchers received calls from at least two Deer Meadows residents about a continuously barking dog, a responding deputy contacted the owner at a residence on Antler Road.

Because of the cold while waiting for help to arrive, a caller expressed concern about her 18-year-old daughter and 3- and 13-month-old grandchildren remaining in a vehicle that broke down on U.S. 2 west of Davenport.

Dispatchers were advised about “very intoxicated” relatives who refused to leave a residence in the 200 block of South 3rd in Almira when asked. A responding deputy was able to get things to calm down and the situation resolved.

Wednesday, Jan. 4: Sprague firefighters responded to the 200 block of South H Street where a carbon monoxide alarm had been activated.

High winds forced authorities to close down the Keller ferry for a short time.

Weather forced cancellation of all extracurricular activities in the Odessa School District.

The northbound lane of SR 23 near Harrington was reported to be “completely snowed over” and a vehicle went off the road and into a ditch near Star Barn Road.

A Harrington property owner expressed concern to dispatchers after receiving a $1,300 electricity bill for an abandoned and padlocked residence in the 300 block of North Third Street. A responding deputy found no evidence that the lock had been disturbed or that anyone was occupying the residence.

Thursday, Jan. 5: A vehicle reportedly slid off U.S. 2 and into a ditch about a mile outside Almira.

A vehicle overheated on Welch Creek Road near Miles Creston Road, stranding its driver for a time.

A deputy warned the driver of a vehicle that was “spinning brodies” behind a residence on Fifteenth and Maxwell streets in Davenport.

Landing at the U.S. 2 Telford rest area, LifeFlight aerial ambulance personnel assisted a woman who suffered a possible stroke.

A U.S. Census worker reported having an angry confrontation with a resident on Bisson Road near Reardan, who accused him of trespassing.

Friday, Jan. 6: A caller advised that a man and his two sons were camping at the U.S. 2 Telford rest area after their vehicle broke down, leaving them stranded. The report was referred to the Washington State Patrol.

A deputy assisted a rural Wilbur resident with a broken water line inside her house.

Two vehicles were involved in a non-injury collision at the intersection of Washington and Ninth streets in Davenport.

A 13-year-old girl, home alone with her 11-year-old brother, called in her fears about a man she believed was attempting to get inside their Reardan residence. Responding deputies believe a door-to-door salesman had knocked on the door.

A deputy responded to a reported dispute involving a contractor and a subcontractor who refused to leave a work site in the 800 block of Morgan Street in Davenport.

A van got stuck in snow on U.S. 2 about a mile west of Davenport. A responding deputy helped get the vehicle going again.

A deputy wasn’t able to find a “suspicious person” that had been observed walking in the vicinity of Vista Manor in Wilbur.

A woman was arrested by deputies who responded to a report from the 20 block of Merriam Street in Davenport that someone was yelling so much that another resident locked herself in her room to avoid it.

Saturday, Jan. 7: Dispatchers took a call from a Wilbur ambulance driver who reported a large pickup truck had tailgated him on U.S. 2 from Wilbur to Davenport on the way to Lincoln Hospital.

A deputy assisted a Davenport man who had accidentally locked his keys and heart medication inside a vehicle.

Someone reportedly attempted to break through the main entry door to the old missile site off SR 28 south of Davenport.

Deputies investigated what appeared to be an attempted break-in involving a shed in the 600 block of West 2nd in Sprague.

A deputy advised a man who had been camping for two days on Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad property near Sprague Highway and Miller Ranch Road that he was trespassing and needed to move on.

Responding to the 400 block of Logan Street, a deputy assisted Davenport ambulance personnel in transporting a woman who may have overdosed and was described as “becoming combative” to Lincoln Hospital.

Sunday, Jan. 8: More slide-offs were reported on U.S. 2 and Interstate 90 in Lincoln County. Drifting snow blocked SRs 231, 23 and 28.


Jan. 3: Ronald Paul Smith, 51, Davenport, confined by the court for driving under the influence.

Seldon D. Schmoyer, 22, Spokane, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for bail-jumping.

Daniel F. Thomas, 32, Sprague, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended and for failing to appear for two counts of driving while license suspended.

Jan. 4: Corey L. Butler, 46, Yakima, held by LCSO as a material witness in a second-degree burglary matter.

Jan. 5: Koy L. Griesse, 24, Almira, confined 90 days by the court for driving under the influence.

Jan. 6: Waylon S. Linton, 24, Spokane, arrested by Reardan Police for failing to appear for driving while license suspended.

Ruben H. Trujillo, 38, Omak, Wash., confined two days by the court for no ignition interlock and first-degree driving while license suspended.

Jan. 7: Nanette J. Stoaks, 42, Sprague, confined by the Superior Court for contempt-of-court.

Michael K. Hurlburt, 51, Lincoln, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

Jan. 8: Andrew James Theis, 42, Spokane, confined one day by the court for third-degree malicious mischief (domestic violence).

Jan. 9: Karmaneha Jordan, 45, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for failing to appear for fourth-degree assault (domestic violence).

From Jan. 3 to 6, 12 individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

New Criminal Case

Erik Conrad Johnsen, 51, Wilbur, is charged with possession with intent to manufacture and/or deliver narcotic mushrooms and marijuana, as well as distribution of methamphetamine and/or another narcotic to a 14-year-old Almira girl who required care from Coulee Community Hospital after a Dec.16, 2015, incident in Wilbur.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Ronald Paul Smith, Davenport, driving under the influence, 3 days jail (1 credited as served), $528.32 court assessments, 36 months supervised and 24 months unsupervised probation, alcohol/drug evaluation and recommended treatment, DUI victims' panel, no possession or consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs (monitored by random testing), comply with rules and regulations of state Department of Licensing regarding installation and use of a functioning ignition interlock device.

Michael Goines, Monroe, Wash., probation modification (driving while license suspended), probation continues until fines are paid completely.

Rickey Lee Saloga, Washington, Utah, speeding (10 mph over limit), contested, dismissed.

Daniel F. Thomas, Lamont, driving while license suspended (3 counts), pleaded guilty, 6 days jail (2 credited as served), $393 + 86 court assessment, 12 months supervised and 12 months unsupervised probation.

Andrew James Theis, Davenport, probation modification (third-degree malicious mischief/domestic violence), 1 day jail, no possession or consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs (monitored by random testing at defendant's expense).

Hugo Feng Shu Chang, Portland, Ore., driving while license suspended, pleaded guilty, $393 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation, deferred sentence (may change plea when court's conditions are met).


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

Decrees issued – Dec. 5: Christina D. and Daniel H. Lynch. Dec. 12: Monica A. and Logan C. Tucker. Dec. 27: Chadwick O. and Dana A. Strode.

New filings: 22 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 1 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

Wayne A. Mathews and Michelle K. Mathews, Lincoln, to Charles R. Daniel, Jr., Lincoln – portion of Sec. 18, T27N, R35E, $314,000.

North Cascade Trustee Services, Inc., Seattle, to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, Anaheim, Calif. – Lots 1-3, Blk. 22, Fairweather Addition to the Town of Reardan, $103,320.

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., to Michelle Kimes, Sprague – Lot 8 and east half of Lot 9, Blk. 21, First Railroad Addition to the Town of Sprague, $38,898.

Rick Kimes, Sprague, to Michelle Kimes, Sprague – Lot 8 and east half of Lot 9, Blk. 21, First Railroad Addition to the Town of Sprague, $0.

Odessa Sageland LLC, Liverpool, N.Y., to Laurence D. Smith and Merleen F. Smith, Odessa – portion of Sec. 22, T21N, R33E, $113,571.25.

Daniel R. McCanna, Creston, to Timothy McCanna, Yakima – portion of Sec. 22, T26N, R35E, gift.

Glenn Webster and Maryella Rose Webster, Seven Bays, to Jeff Teigen and Teresa Teigen, Anatone, Wash. – Lots 1-4, Blk. 8, Anderson’s Addition to the Town of Creston, and 2008 Superior Park Model 11x33 mobile home, $52,000.

Barry (Bernard J.) Bowdish and Janet (Jan) L. Bowdish, Davenport, to Dustin Sams and Jody Sams, Port Hueneme, Calif. – Tracts 81-83, Hawk Creek Ranches Segregation Survey Area No. 1, $315,000.

Kari Schaff (personal representative, estate of Melvin M. Schaff, Jr.), Spokane, to Andrea Schaff, Kari Schaff, Ethan Schaff and Melvin Schaff III, Rathdrum, Idaho – portion of Sec. 34, T24N, R36E, $0.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society (doing business as Christiana Trust, as trustee), Houston, Texas, to Jennifer Stolburg, Odessa – Lot 5 and south one foot of west 25 feet of Lot 4, Blk. 10, Trantum and Schoonover Addition to Town of Odessa, $18,000.

Barbara J. Merkel (trustee, Barbara J. Merkel Survivor’s Trust), Spokane, to Adam J. Dirks, Odessa – portion of Sec. 8, T21N, R38E, subject to easements, $190,900.


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