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Odessa High School Science and Engineering Peer Choice Awards


Over the past few weeks before the winter break, Odessa High School and Junior High School students were busy conducting independent science research entitled the Second Quarter Research Project. This project is designed to encapsulate the knowledge and the ability to formulate a testable research question, design and execute an experiment with quantifiable results, scientifically compare the experimental results with a control method and discuss their findings with the rest of the class via a formal presentation. Although this project divulges each student's knowledge regarding science, it also teaches them other skills such as manipulating technological probe ware, writing scientifically, creating complex presentations and time management.

As each student presented his or her findings to the rest of their peers, they scored one another based on scientific thought and presentational skill. The peer scores, the research paper scores and the presentation scores were collectively averaged, and the top four projects were selected. Just as scientists peer-review one another's research, our students do the same. This has come to be known as the 2Q OHS Peer Choice Awards in Science and Engineering. The first-place award winners were invited to present their research during a school assembly for students in grades six through 12 on Thursday, January 12, and did an excellent job presenting. All students passing the 2Q Research Project are welcome to present their research at a public or community event to earn honors credit in any of the high school sciences.

The four awards in each category are listed below:

Integrated Sciences

1. Ryan Moffet, "The Correlation between the Average Height a Ball Bounces and the Different Basketball Floors."

2. Ireland Luiten, "The Correlation between Granulated Sugar and Powdered Sugar in Retaining Cookie Shape."

3. Camden Weber, "The Comparison between the Height an Illegal and Legal Golf Ball Bounces."

4. Maddy Wagner, "The Effect of Saliva on Lactose Levels."

Biological Sciences

1. Megan Shafer, "The Effect of Acne Medication on Acne Bacteria."

2. Brenna Carstensen, "Disinfectant Wipes or Spray Eliminating Simulated Bacteria More Effectively."

3. Tori Weishaar, "The Comparison of Organic and Inorganic Oranges Vitamin C Levels."

4. Destiny German, "The Effect of Car Exhaust on Wheat Sprout Growth."


1. Kiegan Wehr, "The Comparison of Various Piston Compression Heights and Force Output."

2. Jayd Jennings, "The Amount of Light Radiation between Homemade and Store-bought Chemiluminescent Sticks."

3. Colton Hunt, "The Effect of Ethanol on Small Engine Productivity."

4. Noah Anderson, "The Comparison of Different Amount of Voltage to Oxidize Carbon and Aluminum."

Physics and Engineering

1. Elizabeth Larson, "The Correlation between Sound Pressure (Pa) and Room Shape."

1. Cole Kissler, "An Analysis of Radial Distance on the Deviation of Wave Frequency Emitted in Circular Motion."

2. Chance Messer, "The Comparison of the Electrical Resistance of Different Materials."

3. Colby Sooy, "The Critical Angle of Fiber Optics and Glass."

4. Aaron Gies, "The Effect of the Length between Magnets on the Speed of a Projectile Fired from a Gauss Rifle."


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