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Gossip, rumors no help to Titan athletic co-op


The semi-annual joint board meeting of the Odessa-Harrington Athletic Cooperative was held in Harrington on February 1.

Odessa school superintendent Dan Read brought up financial and logistical issues and prompted a discussion of the future of the cooperative. In a report to his staff, he said that he brought up these subjects intentionally because he knew that conversations were taking place in both communities that needed to come out in a public forum. He also said he expected tension at the meeting, as numerous people in both communities had differing opinions on various aspects of the cooperative.

Although he said he was glad that the conversations got started, he was also concerned by the gossip and rumors he heard following the meeting.

Ideas were brought up regarding possible different models of the cooperative and ways in which it could become more efficient both economically and strategically. At no time, Read said, has there been any intention to exclude Harrington athletes from any sports programs or to force the cooperative to dissolve.

The cooperative could remain in its current configuration where all finances are split 50/50 and games and practices are split between the two districts. Another model might include certain sports/practices being held exclusively at one site or the other. Another option could be payments to reflect the percentage of participation, although Read said it was apparent that some in Harrington were opposed to anything that was not a 50/50 split.

Read has asked both his staff and members of the community to share their thoughts and ideas with the Odessa School Board at its next meeting on Wednesday, February 22, at 7 p.m. in the high school library. Anyone can speak up at the open meeting or can simply call or write to Read at the school.

Read was especially disturbed by rumors circulating that Odessa no longer wanted the participation of Harrington athletes or to practice/play at Harrington facilities. He asked that all involved strive to maintain the positive attitude that brought the two school districts together in the first place. Read can be reached in the district office at 509-982-2668 or at Box 248, Odessa WA 99159.


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