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Hands-on fire safety part of ag education lesson


Jett Nelson

Fire safety is something we all hear about as children. In elementary school we learn to "Stop, Drop and Roll," to call 911 and to know where the fire extinguishers are located. All of this information is vital to the safety of families and their homes. It is so important that we remember it and practice it.

Practicing fire safety is the key. Talking about how to do it is a good first step, but until we have actual hands-on experience, it can be difficult to translate words into action. Thanks to the Odessa School District's ag department and to Abby Reyes with the Odessa Volunteer Fire Department, Odessa kids are getting hands-on experience in fire safety.

Fire Safety is the title of the second unit covered at the ag shop. Before any student can go into the shop, they must know what to do in the event of fire.

Kaden Haase

"As a new teacher, the only way I thought I could really teach a student how to put out a fire was to put out a real fire," said ag teacher HaLee Walter. She contacted town fire chief Don Strebeck, who directed her to Abby Reyes who has given fire safety lessons to groups throughout Odessa. He was more than willing to come to the ag shop and tell the students about fire safety and about Emergency Medical Services.

After the classroom lesson, the class headed outside and watched as Reyes started a gasoline fire in a small waste barrel. Each student then got to use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

"Most of the students had never used a fire extinguisher, so they were a little nervous. With the cheering and encouragement of their peers, however, each one put out their fire," said Walter.


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