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Sheriff's Report


Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, May 8: Harrington ambulance personnel assisted a 76-year-old man who suffered an apparent seizure.

Mental health personnel asked Davenport-based deputies for assistance with a possibly suicidal individual.

A deputy was able to locate a weed-eater that had been reported stolen from a shed in the 400 block of Marshall Street in Davenport.

Deputies working Davenport and Reardan were consulted about how best to deal with a juvenile and his parents after they prevented him from taking belongings from a residence from which he had been asked to leave.

Odessa Police responded to a disorderly conduct incident in the 300 block of South Birch Street that involved two men.

Two individuals on dirt bikes were observed “tearing up the beach” at the Keller ferry landing.

Tuesday, May 9: Lincoln Hospital personnel in Davenport treated a 68-year-old man who had been bitten by a dog in the Bluestem area.

Responding to the 400 block of Morgan Street, a deputy assisted a woman who was handcuffed without a key. The cuffs had to be cut off in order to get her free.

Odessa Police investigated a report of illegal dumping on property adjacent to 1st Street.

Reardan Police responded to a report of a possible assault involving two women.

Wednesday, May 10: Responding to the vicinity of Bergeron Road and SR 231 near Reardan, ambulance personnel assisted a 4-year-old boy who ingested a drug.

A Creston caller reported wild dogs chased a colt into a fence, breaking its neck, near a construction site adjacent to U.S. 2.

A pickup truck was observed swerving all over the road, causing oncoming traffic to get out of its way on SR 25 about eight miles north of Davenport.

Deputies were called out to a residence on Wild Turkey Lane near Creston after dispatchers took a report of a 32-year-old man punching a 45-year-old man who came on the younger man’s parents’ property while yelling at one of them. No charges were filed.

A Creston area resident reported someone wrote two fraudulent checks for $980 and $950 on her local bank account to cover unauthorized purchases in New Jersey.

A Davenport woman reported a driveway in the vicinity of Seventh and Adams streets was blocked by vehicles that were double-parked near the football field.

A vehicle struck a guardrail along SR 25 about nine miles north of Davenport.

Responding to the 300 block of South 4th Street, Odessa ambulance personnel transported a man experiencing hallucinations and alcohol withdrawal symptoms to Odessa Memorial Hospital.

Reardan Police responded to a report of an assault involving two high school boys. One was taken to a hospital for a possible broken nose.

Thursday, May 11: Sprague ambulance personnel assisted an 80-year-old Lamont resident who had fallen in the bathroom of a residence in the 600 block of Spokane Street.

A storm was blamed for causing an interruption of Internet and phone service to the Reardan-Edwall School District facilities.

No one was reported hurt after a dump truck and trailer jackknifed and went off SR 28 near Harrington.

A vehicle went through a three-way stop sign at the intersection of Sixth and Washington streets in Davenport near the middle school.

Someone cut through a lock on a gate to enter property adjacent to Blentz Road near Creston.

A collision involving a pickup truck and deer was reported on Miles Creston Road near Rocky Top Drive in the Seven Bays area.

An initial report that a toy in the Odessa city park had been vandalized was corrected to show a mechanical error had occurred instead.

A caller reported kids were “tearing up things” at the local tennis courts, but Odessa Police found no damage had occurred.

Friday, May 12: A deputy was summoned into a dispute between two men in separate vehicles traveling on SR 28 between the Davenport city limits and its intersection with Deking Road.

A man was taken into custody after deputies responded to a report from Sprague of a hit-and-run collision involving a possibly intoxicated driver and an assault.

Reardan Police investigated a burglary incident at Dean’s Drive-in where someone had used a rock to break out a front window. A similar report originated from the nearby Hwy Café.

Saturday, May 13: Lincoln Hospital personnel requested a deputy investigate a possible assault involving a patient that was due in Spokane for surgery that afternoon.

Deputies and mental health personnel were called in after a Davenport area woman reportedly pointed a gun at her head and pulled the trigger, causing it to click but not fire. Another member of the household took the weapon away from her, cleared the residence of other firearms, but advised knives and different kinds of pills remained inside.

While in Spokane, a Sprague caller requested assistance from law enforcement with a possibly intoxicated woman at his residence that he believed was bothering his children and their babysitters.

Sunday, May 14: Responding to the 300 block of East 1st in Sprague, two deputies investigated a caller’s concern after hearing noises outside that someone had attempted to break into a residence occupied by a woman and three children.

Deputies responded to a report of gunshots being fired “extremely close” to a residence on SR 231 north of Reardan.

A Sprague resident phoned in her concerns about a man who had phoned and told her he planned to kill himself on her porch. A deputy responded to the residence in the 400 block of West 4th.

A resident on Eagle View Lane in the Reardan area reported a strip of grass along their fence line had been mowed without permission and asked that deputies investigate it as a trespassing incident.

Odessa Police responded to a reported assault at Chiefs Bar and Grill, leaving “scratches and bruises” on two individuals, who told officers that threatening statements had been posted online.


May 8: Carlos Plasencia, 31, Spokane, confined five days by the court for driving while license suspended.

May 10: Christina R. Erlewine, 24, Clarkston, Wash., arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for failing to appear for third-degree malicious mischief, second-degree burglary and third-degree theft.

May 11: Albert M. Thatcher, 37, Wellpinit, confined 50 days by the court for driving under the influence.

Michael K. Hurlburt, 52, Lincoln, arrested by Reardan Police for driving while license suspended.

Julie A. Lanphere, 48, Concrete, Wash., arrested by LCSO for failing to appear for driving while license suspended.

May 12: Raymond B. Greene, 44, Sprague, arrested by LCSO for fourth-degree assault (four counts).

May 14: Mariah C. Frank, 22, Plummer, Idaho, arrested by LCSO for failing to appear for no valid operator’s license.

Demetrius C. Carter, 29, Odessa, arrested by Odessa Police for failing to appear for driving while license suspended.

From May 9 to 15, eight individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Criminal Sentencings

Bobbie (Bobbi) Jo Callihan (Graeber), 30, of Republic, Wash., pleaded guilty May 9 to theft of a motor vehicle and was sentenced to serve 12 days in jail (with credit for time served), and pay $360 court costs, a $400 public defender reimbursement and restitution to be determined. A charge of residential burglary was withdrawn by prosecutors as a result of plea negotiations. The case concerned an April 30, 2016, incident at a residence in the 400 block of Tenth Street in Davenport.

Ellen D. Gross, 55, of Odessa, pleaded guilty May 9 to second-degree theft and was sentenced to serve three days in jail and pay $800 court costs, a $300 public defender reimbursement and restitution to be determined. A charge of first-degree identity theft was withdrawn by prosecutors as a result of plea negotiations. The case concerned the unauthorized use of an Odessa man’s credit card from April through June 2016 while the defendant worked as an in-home caregiver.

Civil Judgments

Eric M. Baarstad (doing business as EBC), of Creston, must pay $1,266.59 in taxes owed from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, 2016, to the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Citing insufficient evidence, the court on May 8 denied a request by Cody Lynn Klutts, of Davenport, for a domestic violence protection order against Marlie Lyman Rose. The case also involved a minor child.

Van Sickle Auto and Diesel Repair, of Davenport, must pay $3,703.56 in taxes owed from October 2016 to February 2017 to the Washington State Department of Revenue.

New Civil Case

First Western Federal Savings Bank, Rapid City, S.D., seeks payment of $130,836.43 owing on the principal of a July 2008 promissory note, plus $13,948.60 in interest through May 9 and $987.55 late fees from respondents Dean A. and Connie J. Mann, of Harrington, and a decree to foreclose on property in the vicinity of Estate, Doerschlag, Rolinco and Soden roads in the Sprague area. Other named respondents include the Estates of Marlene M. Mann and Mildred Mann, Central Mortgage, Inc., Automated Accounts, Inc., Genesis Finance Corp. and XYZ Corp.


Guardianship of a 72-year-old Davenport man, an alleged incapacitated person.

Estate of Lonna S. Taylor, of Kootenai County, Idaho, who died April 22.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Timothy Wayne Durpos, Snohomish, Wash., probation violation (driving while license suspended), 8 days jail (1 credited as served), $60 court costs.

Joshua Ryan Granchie, Davenport, probation violation (fourth-degree assault/domestic violence and interfering with a report of domestic violence), 5 days jail and 50 hours community service.

Gene Francis Rosentreter, Lincoln, probation violation (first-degree negligent driving), 30 days jail.

Cathi Louise Travis-Fall, Spokane, driving under the influence, 4 days jail (1 credited as served), $1,673.96 court assessments, 36 months supervised and 24 months unsupervised probation, alcohol/drug evaluation and recommended treatment, DUI victims' panel, no possession or consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs (monitored by random testing), comply with rules and regulations of state Department of Licensing regarding installation and use of a functioning ignition interlock device.

Justin Duwayne Whitney, Ritzville, driving while license suspended and probation violation (driving while license suspended), pleaded guilty, 7 days jail (credited as served), $43 court costs, 12 months supervised probation.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings: 45 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for annulment or invalidity of marriage: 1 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

Doyle B. Scroggins and Patricia L. Scroggins, Almira, to Craig W. Beecroft, Stanwood, Wash. – Lots 5 and 6 and south 18 feet of Lot 4, Blk. 32, Almira, and 1970 65x12 Parkway mobile home, $30,000.

Derrek Wilson and Leanne Wilson, Davenport, to Jennifer Downing, Battleground, Wash. – Lot 2, Tikka Wilson Short Plat, $55,000.

Joe Downing, Battleground, Wash., to Jennifer Downing, Battleground – Lot 2 Tikka Wilson Short Plat, $0.

Marian Foster, Reardan, to Scott D. Gilbert and Tamora L. Gilbert, Reardan – all of Blk. 3 (except east half of Lots 21-24), and east half of Lots 21-24, Blk. 3, all in Capp’s Addition to Reardan, $100,000.

Julie A. Green, Ellensburg, Wash., to Daniel Bjorson and Jamie Bjorson, Wilbur – Lots 4-7 and west half of Lot 8, Blk. 9, Blake’s Addition to the Town of Wilbur, $85,000.

Kenneth E. Kern (personal representative, estate of Edwin C. Kern), Clatskanie, Ore., to Kenneth E. Kern, Clatskanie, Ore. – portion of Sec. 35, T21N, R32E, $0.

Rodney E. Egbert, Davenport, to Washington Trust Bank, Spokane – Tract H, Hillside Estates Phase 2 Short Plat, $0.

Ronald J. Paulson and Kathryn E. Paulson (Paulson Living Trust), Nine Mile Falls, Wash., to Dawn E. Yamada and Humbert J. Paulson, Spokane – Plat 2, Blk. 3, Lot 14, Sec. 12, and 1970 12x63 mobile home, $0.

Paul S. Porter and Robin C. Porter, Kennewick, Wash., to Jonathan Lafe Murkins and Abigail G. Murkins, Fairchild Air Force Base – south 140 feet of vacated Blk. 27 (except east 100 feet and west 90 feet), Fairweather Addition to the Town of Reardan, $161,000.

Tanager Telecommunications LLC, Stevenson, Wash., to Brett Bishop and Angela Bishop, Cheney – portion of Sec. 33, T23N, R39E, $33,887.

Una M. Ford (surviving governor, Max and Una Ford LLC), Lake Stevens, Wash., to Una M. Ford (trustee, Max I. Ford Credit Shelter Family Trust), Lake Stevens, Wash. – portion of Sec. 26, T27N, R35E, $0.

Riley Walker and Chantey Walker, Indianola, Neb., to Denver Black and Amber Black, Edwall – portion of Sec. 4, T23N, R39E, $255,000.

Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, Seattle, to (U.S.) Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”), Dallas, Texas – Lot 5 and portion of Lot 6 east of a line beginning at a point on the north line of Lot 6, 20 feet east of the northwest corner thereof, thence south to the south line of Lot 6, then 10 feet east of the southwest corner thereof, all in Blk. 35, Schorzman’s Addition to Odessa; and Lot 5, Blk. 35, Finney and Pattee’s Addition to Odessa (except portion within Schorzman’s Addition to Odessa); and Lot 6, Blk. 35, Pattee and Lyons Addition to Odessa, $44,900.

Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, Seattle, to MTGLQ Investors, L.P. (c/o Seterus, Inc.), Beaverton, Ore. – Lot 5, Blk. 2, Dillon’s Addition to the Town of Davenport, $52,000.


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