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Valedictorian speech


Good morning students, families, staff, alumni and community members. Welcome to the Odessa High School 2017 graduation ceremony.

Well guys, we did it! Class of 2017, we’ve made it to graduation day. Years of CSTs, math timings, standardized testing and AR tests have finally paid off. We have survived the impossible. Memorizing the FFA creed, the 13-mile long walks, online classes, essay and PowerPoint procrastination, flying across the country for National FBLA, driving three hours for a basketball game, the surprisingly violent dodgeball matches and the never-ending string of sports-related injuries. Today, we stand together, proud of our accomplishments and excited for the future.

I’m one of the quietest people in our class, so I find it funny that I’m in charge of speaking on behalf of my classmates. I know I don’t have the years of wisdom and experience needed to give a life-changing speech, but I’ll try my best.

The class of 2017 consists of many diverse personalities. Each of us brings something different to the table. We are the leaders, the thinkers, the givers and the performers of tomorrow.

To the leaders of our class: Keep using your skills to lead others. Our class holds office in National Honor Society, FBLA, Pep Club, ASB, Chess Club and band. Whether it was for a class assignment or on your own time, you have stepped up and taken charge. Your leadership positions have taken you to Chicago, Nashville, Houston, Italy, Oswego, Los Angeles and Milwaukee, to name a few. Make a contribution to the world, and not your wallet.

To the thinkers: I encourage you to stay curious. With honors, running start and AP classes under our belt, our class has excelled in many subjects. Continue to question the world around you and offer your opinions. Keep debating with your peers, even if it gets a little too heated. Keep testing your theories and pushing boundaries.

To the givers: Share your kindness with others. In the past four years, our class has accumulated hundreds of community service hours. You have gone on mission trips, helped animals and delivered Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. My only advice is to keep up the good work. The world is in need of the volunteers who provide your tenacity and consideration.

Finally, to the performers: Entertain those around you. Some of our best memories together are from you. Every musical, dance, game, meet and cheer has brought you to where you are today. You all possess the musical talent, the creativity, the humor, the athletic ability and the confidence to be successful.

I would like to take this time to thank the town of Odessa for the many opportunities it has provided us over the years. Thank you to the teachers, coaches and other staff for helping us get to where we are today. Thank you to our friends and families who have supported us along the way.

Finally, thank you to my fellow classmates: Zoyaga, Johnpa, Sage (pronounced sa-jay), Er Bacer, A-A-Ron, Wyatto, B-Rad, Coleykins, Morganic, Pookas, Keita, Melggy Toast, Mess, Ty-Ty, Molls, Colby Sooy Soy Sauce, Layners, and Shelberto. I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Be considerate of others and continue to shine.

Today, we put an end to the senioritis we’ve had since 9th grade. Today, we graduate Odessa High School with our heads held high. The road ahead of us is unclear and full of challenges, but I suppose that’s part of life. After all, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Thank you.


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