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Letter to the Editor: U.S. gun culture decried; rep. is called to account


To the Editor,

Has there been enough killing? It doesn’t matter if it was one of 20 children and seven adults killed at Sandy Hook, the recent shooting of six Congressmen or any of the 93 daily deaths (average) from guns. No one in our nation should have to fear for their life, yet that is becoming reality in our country. This is an American issue and can be solved by our Congress. They can intervene and they can stop much of the violence and make sure we are safe, simply by the laws they pass. I hope each senator and representative will take time to think of their actions concerning guns and act for the safety of the people.

Concerning our 5th district representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, I ask that she reconsider her voting for such bills as The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which would allow concealed guns to be carried from state to state, even if the state does not want concealed guns. Anyone would be allowed to conceal carry in school zones and on public lands. McMorris Rodgers also takes the stance of absolutely no background checks for gun purchases. She said, “I think we have to be careful about new...suggesting new gun laws.” Her personal choices take away our safety. It is time for our Congresswoman to change her stance, do her duty and make America safer. That is what real representatives of the people will do.

Patricia Bates



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