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Firefighters save Lamona farm home


October 12, 2017

A fire of unknown origin near the Lamona home of Rachel Walter came very close to destroying the family farmstead last Saturday afternoon. The wind was a major factor, as it kept changing direction, causing Odessa firefighters to make rapid decisions about where to position their trucks to best contain the blaze. They also called on Harrington firefighters for help.

The NOANET fiber-optic cable in the area was melted, causing computer problems in downstream areas. A vehicle, cattle chute, storage shed, fencing and about 200 acres of pasture were burned in the extremely fast moving fire.

A few rainy days will be required before the burn ban in town can be lifted, said town fire chief Don Strebeck. In rural areas of Lincoln/Adams Fire District 3, the burn ban has been lifted, although caution is advised, as the grass and brush are very dry right now.


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