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November 9, 2017

You have probably noticed something new and different on the front page of this week’s issue. The Odessa Record has not run ads on its front page for many years, but our history shows that it has been done in the past.

When Avista approached us with two ads they wanted to run in color in the same issue but not on the same page, we ran into logistical problems. As it turned out, the simplest way to solve them was to run one of the ads on the front page. It is not something we would normally do, but Avista has agreed to our terms, and both sides are happy with the agreement. We will be running this format for the next two weeks as well.

You will also notice that there is no court report this week. Our friends at the Davenport Times have been waylaid by broken bones (thanks to icy conditions there) and flu-like symptoms. As soon as they are back on their feet, so to speak, we will get our reader caught up on whatever public records they might have missed.

The editor.


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