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Tiger boys start season with four wins in a row


December 14, 2017

--Photos for The Record by Terrie Schmidt-Crosby.

Ryan Moffet fights to keep the ball as Camden Weber awaits his next move in Saturday's home game against Columbia.


Last Tuesday, December 5, the high-school boys basketball team played a non-league contest at home against Wilbur-Creston, currently playing as a 2B school. With most of the team having just finished the football season, some basketball skills were a little rusty. Nevertheless, the teamwork of this group showed, as the boys overcame a slow first-quarter start to win by 20 points.

Odessa 5 19 16 17     57
Wilbur-Creston 9 4 12 12     37

Ryan Moffet led the scoring with 23 points, followed by Camden Weber with 11 and Marcus King with 9. Senior Colton Hunt led the rebounding with 11, while King grabbed another 8.

Kettle Falls

On Wednesday, December 6, the boys were back on the home court playing Kettle Falls, another 2B team. After another slow start that left the Tigers down three at half-time, the boys came out of the locker room with guns blazing. In fact, the locker room time lasted almost until the start of the third quarter, leaving them with little warm-up time. But whatever talking to they received during that half-time break certainly worked, for they held the Kettle Falls team to only two points in the third, then kept even with them in the fourth.

Odessa 14 17 17 11     59
Kettle Falls 18 16 2 12     48

Moffet again led the scoring with 35 points, driving for the basket in the early going and drawing fouls on the opposing team. Jaden Hunt added 10 points.

Weber led the rebounding with seven. Four other Tigers had four rebounds each: The Hunt brothers (Colton and Jaden), Tim DeWulf and King.

Columbia (Hunters)

On Friday, the Tigers were back at it after only one day's rest, nevertheless overpowering the Hunters team by a score of 68-20.

Odessa 31 0 26 11     68
Columbia 9 0 2 9     20

Moffet scored 26 points. Freshman Tim DeWulf was also hot and added 17 points while also leading in rebounds with 8. King scored 9 points. Weber had 7 steals in the game. With a 40-point lead, the second string entered the game, playing almost the entire fourth quarter. Almost every player put points on the scoreboard.

Valley Christian

On Saturday, the Tigers traveled to Spokane to play Valley Christian, ending what is likely the toughest week of their season in terms of number of games played. Once again the Tigers overpowered the VC team with scathing first quarter, which it then built on for the rest of the game.

Odessa 34 20 17 23     94
Valley Christian 8 21 10 8     47

Moffet scored 32 points, 15 of them from the three-point line. The Hunt brothers added 12 points each, and Lane Lobe added 10. Once again, nearly every team member scored, and all contributed to the final outcome.

DeWulf again led the rebounding with 8. Weber had 10 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals to complement his 7 points scored. King scored 8 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, had 5 assists and 5 steals.

Ryan Moffet, Jayd Jennings and Jaden Hunt wait to see if the shot will be complete.


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