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Health for lucky LuLu improving


January 11, 2018

--Courtesy photo.

At her vet appointment it was found that LuLu has gained two pounds and she may recover partial sight in one eye.

Last week, as many of you know, we wrote about meeting LuLu, a brindle pup that was found after being shot twice and left for dead.

LuLu was taken to the veterinarian by sisters Karen Carlson and Tammy Tokas. LuLu was so emaciated she weighed only 11 pounds and was put on a feeding schedule, starting with a mere 40 calories a day. She was given antibiotics due to infected and abscessed wounds. The vet also indicated that she was more than likely blind in both eyes.

On January 4, LuLu had a follow-up visit with the veterinarian. She is out of the woods, and her condition continues to improve. Her wounds are healing, and she's gained two pounds, putting her now at 13 pounds (which is great). She's been put on a second course of antibiotics and was also given medicine for her eyes because one is weeping.

LuLu's health is still not good enough for her to receive her vaccinations, so if she is taken anywhere, care must be taken not to expose her to the parvovirus. The best news, though, is that even though she is definitely blind in one eye, she may still have some sight in the other. It is still too early to tell, and it will likely take some time before the vet knows for sure.

Although LuLu's lungs are clear, there is slight concern about her breathing, because she is clearing her nose a lot. However, the vet thinks it might be because of the wounds in and around the nose. "She's like a kid with a snotty nose," says Karen Carlson. "All in all the vet says to keep doing what I'm doing and, if I have problems, give them a call."


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