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Letter to the Editor: Should official language of the USA be English?


February 15, 2018

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that Teddy Roosevelt didn’t act on his idea of having Congress declare that English would be the official language of our Republic. We need to look at some of the problems that we would probably not be faced with.

We would not have 25 million residents who can’t speak English, and we wouldn’t have 5 million school-aged children who can’t speak English. We would not have Clinton’s Executive Order 13166. We would not have a constant fight with La Raza that was formed in 1968. It took 15 years before (U.S. English Inc.) was formed to try and slow the progress that La Raza was making! La Raza has tried to get Congress to approve a bill that would make it illegal for English to be our official language.

Recent polls show that 92% of our population speak English, and 82% believe that English should be a requirement to become a citizen of U.S.! Please contact your congressman to tell him/her how you feel!

Gerald Ray



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