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Letter to the Editor: Youth need reality check on the finality of death


To the Editor:

Today’s youth no longer grow up in multi-generational households where children, parents and grandparents all reside under the same roof from cradle to grave. Few die at home anymore.

Most youth have no idea what death is really all about. The closest they get to it is in video games, where death isn’t real – just shoot-em-up and hit restart to start all over again.

Life is not a game where you can push a button and start all over again. So instead of life and death being a natural part of life, we keep our children from it like it’s a disease you can catch.

“Don’t tell the kids it might upset them.” They have no idea that death is a final. No restarts or do-overs.

Guns are everywhere and our kids have access to them, whether you think they do or not. No purchase necessary!

Maybe if our youth spent more time with a dying family member or friend, they would see that life is fragile, and there’s no chance to repeat it again.

The last call. Permanent!

Pat Gamache



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