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Tigers compete at Nine Mile, Quincy


April 26, 2018

On Wednesday, April 18, the track and field team competed at Lakeside High School in Nine Mile against the following teams: Colfax, Davenport, Garfield-Palouse, Harrington, Lind-Ritzville, Oakesdale, Reardan, St. George’s and Wellpinit.

The Odessa boys placed third and the girls placed fifth. Colfax won the boys’ competition, and Oakesdale took first on the girls’ side.

NE 1B/2B D7/9 League Meet

Boys’ team

100 meters

Gaven Elder took first place in 11.35 seconds.

Jonny Hayashi fourth with a time of 11.81.

David Hayashi came in at 14th in a time of 13.21 and a personal record.

Brian McDonald was 17th at 15.00, also a personal record.

200 meters

Gaven Elder also placed first in this race with a time of 23.09 seconds, a season record.

Jonny Hayashi tied for fifth place in 24.69 seconds, a personal record.

Brady Walter ran his race in 24.75, a personal record, for 8th place.

Pilot Weishaar finished eighth with a time of 26.81, a personal record.

1600 meters

Chase Kissler was in 12th place with a time of 5:48.60.

3200 meters

Chase Kissler was in 4th place with a time of 12:12.84.

300-meter hurdles

Pilot Weishaar was in 5th place with a time of 45.76, a personal record.

4x100 relay

The team of Pilot Weishaar, Brady Walter, Jonny Hayashi and Gaven Elder finished first in 45.63 seconds.

Shot put

Jordyn Cooper finished in third place with a distance of 35-07.50.

Brady Walter was seventh, throwing 33-11.50.

Brian McDonald was 12th with a throw of 28-00.00.

Ryan Melgren was right behind in 13th place.


Jordyn Cooper was 6th, throwing 81-11.

Brian McDonald finished 7th with a throw of 70-09.

Ryan Melgren was 9th with a throw of 65-02.


Brady Walter took 5th place, throwing 116-03.

Jordyn Cooper was 7th, with a throw of 108-05, a personal record.

Ryan Melgren was 19th with a throw of 67-08 and a personal record.

Chase Kissler was 20th with a distance of 64-00.

Pole vault

Pilot Weishaar took 1st place with a height of 10-00.00.

David Hayashi was 3rd at 8-06.00 for a personal record.

Chase Kissler was 6th at 6-06.00.

Long jump

Jonny Hayashi was 6th at 16-10.50.

David Hayashi was 13th at 14-08.00, a personal record.

Triple jump

Pilot Weishaar took 6th place, jumping 36-01.25.

David Hayashi was 10th with a distance of 31-08.00 for a personal record.

Girls’ team

100 meters

Josie Westmoreland finished 9th at 14.01.

200 meters

Josie Westmoreland came in 10th with a time of 29.59.

100 meter hurdles

JulieAnne Lovvik placed 9th at 20.96 for a personal record.

300 meter hurdles

JulieAnne Lovvik was 9th in this race at 1:01.11 for another personal record.

4x100 relay

The team of Josie Westmoreland, Tori Weishaar, Maddie Scrupps and Naomi Smith placed 4th in a time of 55.49.

4x200 relay

The same relay team placed second in a time of 1:59.94.

4x400 relay

The team of Kenadie Elder, Katreace Boss, Maddie Scrupps and Naomi Smith placed 3rd in a time of 5:01.64.

Shot put

Caitlyn Schuh finished 1st with a throw of 29-04.00.

Katreace Boss was 19th with a throw of 19-07.50.


Caitlyn Schuh was 1st with a throw of 94-06.

Katreace Boss was 20th, throwing 48-08.


Caitlyn Schuh took 3rd place, throwing 93-01 for a personal record.

Kenadie Elder was 7th at 74-02.

Katreace Boss was 12th at 67-03.

Pole vault

Tori Weishaar came in 3rd at a height of 8-00.00 for a season record.

Long jump

Naomi Smith finished 1st with a distance of 14-04.00.

Kenadie Elder came in at 4th place at 13-01.00.

JulieAnne Lovvik was in 19th place at 9-04.25, a personal record.

Triple jump

Kenadie Elder was 5th with a jump of 28-03.00 for a personal record.

Maddie Scrupps took 6th place with 26-06.00.

Quincy Invite

The Quincy invitational meet was held Saturday, April 21, with participation by 1B through 2A schools:

1B: Almira/Coulee-Hartline, Odessa, Wellpinit.

2B: Lake Roosevelt, Liberty Bell, Lind-Ritzville, Manson, Oroville, Waterville, Wilbur-Creston.

1A: Bush, Cascade (Leavenworth), Cashmere, Cle Elum/Roslyn, Okanogan, Omak, Wahluke.

2A: Ephrata, Quincy Toppenish.

Boys’ team

100 meters

1. Gaven Elder 11.33

15. Jonny Hayashi 12.18

200 meters

2. Gaven Elder 23.73

14. Brady Walter 25.32

400 meters

24. David Hayashi 1:05.31 PR

26. Brian McDonald 1:18.81 PR

800 meters

21. Chase Kissler 2:31.89 PR

1600 meters

23. Chase Kissler 5:34.76 PR

3200 Meters

14. Chase Kissler 12:00.56 PR

110-m hurdles

12. Ryan Melgren 20.10 PR

300-m hurdles

8. Pilot Weishaar 47.17

4x100 relay

2. Pilot Weishaar, Brady Walter,

Jonny Hayashi, Gaven Elder 45.60

Shot put

10. Jordyn Cooper 38-04.00 PR

12. Brady Walter 36-05.00 PR


16. Jordyn Cooper 83-04

23. Brian McDonald 74-03


17. Brady Walter 118-06

26. Jordyn Cooper 96-07

Pole vault

7. Pilot Weishaar 10-06.00 PR

Long jump

4. Gaven Elder 18-06.25

13. Jonny Hayashi 17-04.75

Triple jump

17. Pilot Weishaar 36-02.50

22. David Hayashi 32-01.50 PR

Girls’ team

100 meters

8. Josie Westmoreland 13.97

31. Kaitlyn Zagelow 16.34 PR

200 meters

5. Josie Westmoreland 29.41 SR

25. Kaitlyn Zagelow 35.99 PR

100-m hurdles

15. Julieanne Lovvik 21.83

300-m hurdles

11. Julieanne Lovvik 1:03.19a

4x100 relay

11. Josie Westmoreland, Tori Weishaar, Maddie Scrupps, Naomi Smith 56.80

4x200 relay

6. Josie Westmoreland, Tori Weishaar, Maddie Scrupps, Naomi Smith 1:57.36

4x400 relay

8. Kenadie Elder, Katreace Boss,

Maddie Scrupps, Naomi Smith 5:05.55

Shot put

9. Caitlyn Schuh 30-03.50

27. Katreace Boss 20-06.00


3. Caitlyn Schuh 103-02 PR

27. Katreace Boss 54-02


8. Caitlyn Schuh 95-08 PR

21. Kenadie Elder 67-05

High jump

22. Kaitlyn Zagelow 3-08.00 PR

Pole vault

7. Tori Weishaar 7-06.00

Long jump

8. Naomi Smith 14-05.50 PR

15. Kenadie Elder 12-09.50

Triple jump

13. Kenadie Elder 27-11.50

16. Maddie Scrupps 26-10.00 PR


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