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Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, April 30: A caller filed a complaint that a construction company started up operations in the 200 block of Park Street in violation of the Davenport city noise and work ordinance. A responding deputy gave a verbal warning for this too-early-in-the-morning activity in a residential area.

Someone took state-owned “Water Over Roadway” signage from SR 231 north of Reardan.

A dispute over the release of a vehicle from Davenport Motor Co. to its rightful owner was referred to the sheriff’s office to resolve.

Two individuals inside a vehicle parked outside Phase II Hair Salon on Morgan Street in Davenport appeared to be passed out. A deputy responding to the report learned that they were out of gas and waiting for someone else to deliver some to them.

A caller asked for assistance with an unwanted person at a residence in the 50 block of Marshall Street in Davenport.

Deputies promised to “keep an eye out” in the 20 block of Merriam Street in Davenport after receiving a call from a dog owner who had been contacted by someone she believes might try to steal them.

Odessa Police investigated a malicious mischief incident in the 500 block of South Alder Street.

Tuesday, May 1: Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a 69-year-old woman who had fallen.

Sprague ambulance personnel assisted a man with diabetes having apparent heart problems.

A Davenport resident who lives near the high school requested assistance to get a student to move a vehicle that was parked inappropriately in the area.

Two dogs were observed harassing cattle on property near the intersection of Gunning and Hawk Creek roads in the Davenport area.

Deputies helped reunite a 2-year-old boy found in the middle of the street in the 200 block of Sinclair Street in Davenport with his mother. The child was wearing a green shirt and diaper and holding a soccer ball.

A Davenport woman requested assistance with a man who used her porch in the 800 block of Twelfth Street as a base from which to spy on a neighboring apartment where he believed a former girlfriend was hosting a man.

An aggressive black Lab was reported loose in the 500 block of SE Pope in Wilbur. The caller told dispatchers he had to place a trash can between himself and the dog to keep from being harmed.

An Almira caller reported a case of fraud after receiving a notice from Baltimore Gas and Electric in Maryland that he owed a $191 bill.

Deputies and mental health personnel were called in to assist a Reardan area woman after dispatchers took a caller’s report that she appeared intoxicated near Edna’s Drive-in in Davenport and a coach attempted to prevent her from driving her children home from a baseball game. Two days later (on Thursday), she reportedly threatened to put herself in a situation that would lead to “suicide by cop,” but after law enforcement and first responders set up a command base at Moos and Waukon roads, she was persuaded to accept a trip to the hospital.

Wednesday, May 2: Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a man who may have suffered a heart attack or stroke.

A collision involving a vehicle and deer took place on U.S. 2 about three miles east of Wilbur.

For about 45 minutes, a man known to the sheriff’s office “walked circles” around the county courthouse and public safety building, looking into county vehicles parked in the area.

As part of a “rolling domestic violence incident,” a man got out of a vehicle parked in a private driveway adjacent to SR 231 near Spring Creek Cemetery north of Reardan, screamed and, while walking around the vehicle, hit and broke a private mailbox, resulting in about $80 damage.

Responding to the Creston School, local ambulance personnel transported a 12-year-old student who may have overdosed on Tylenol to meet a LifeFlight aerial ambulance in the U.S. 2 Telford rest area.

A deputy was assigned to investigate threats allegedly made in District Court on April 27.

Deputies were brought into a dispute between members of a Davenport family over possession of a cell phone.

A caller reported dogs belonging to new residents in the 1000 block of Marshall Street in Davenport “bark constantly from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.” A responding deputy found the animals quiet when he stopped by.

Two occupants of a vehicle parked near Eleventh and Main streets in Davenport were seen fighting.

After reporting a neighbor’s horse was on her property adjacent to Green Canyon Road, a Davenport woman called again, advising dispatchers she felt “very silly and bad” as she realized it was her own horse the whole time.

Reardan Police separated individuals involved in an assault incident in the 100 block of East Railroad Avenue. During the melee, a woman was punched and her shirt torn, and a man said he also had been punched. An officer placed a woman under arrest on a theft charge and transported her to Spokane.

Thursday, May 3: After taking a report of an unoccupied vehicle in a ditch off Mohler Road near Coal Coulee Road, a responding deputy learned that a few Harrington students had been “mud-bogging” in that area and that a pickup truck had gotten stuck.

Deputies and Town of Reardan officials began a search for the owner of three cows that crossed U.S. 2 near the Reardan Medical Clinic.

After Reardan Middle School personnel called dispatchers, deputies investigated a 13-year-old girl’s report she received text messages about sex on her phone and concluded the message may have been sent to her accidentally.

A deputy assisted a woman in retrieving belongings from a Wilbur residence from which she had moved. She told dispatchers that her former roommates had told her by text that she couldn’t come get her stuff and that “multiple police cars were there waiting to arrest her” should she try to do so.

A Reardan woman reported hearing a “loud bang, possibly a gunshot very close” to a residence in the 200 block of South Lake Street, but a responding deputy couldn’t determine its cause.

Odessa Police attempted to locate a loose pit bull dog near a Lutheran church on Amende Street.

National Park Service personnel advised a caller who had found two baby owls while camping at Fort Spokane to leave them alone. The discovery was referred to a state Fish and Wildlife officer.

Friday, May 4: A woman reported her vehicle had been rear-ended at Morgan and Seventh streets in Davenport.

A Sprague man told dispatchers that about four boys had chased his 12-year-old daughter from the city park. A responding deputy located one of the offenders and warned him not to threaten to beat up girls.

Five individuals were involved in a dispute that turned violent at the Lakeview Terrace mobile home park in Grand Coulee. One man was bitten after being bitten by a woman.

Odessa Police investigated neighbors’ concerns about a house with weeds and trash in the lawn in the 400 block of East 2nd Avenue.

Odessa Police responded to two incidents of dogs being at-large in the 400 block of East 1st Avenue and near the intersection of 2nd and Alder streets.

Saturday, May 5: Odessa ambulance personnel assisted a 76-year-old woman who may have broken a leg as a result of a fall.

A Davenport businesswoman reported her billfold may have been stolen from her store in the vicinity of Morgan and Sixth streets.

Harrington firefighters battled a blaze at a detached garage in the 100 block of West Sherlock. No injuries were reported.

Dispatchers took a report that two men were yelling at each other in the vicinity of Second and Washington streets in Davenport.

Organizers of an estate sale in Seven Bays reported receiving a counterfeit $100 bill.

A Sterling Valley Road resident expressed concern about a man being loud and using profane language despite children being nearby.

Odessa Police found several street signs on the ground near the poles they had been placed on in the vicinity of Alder Street and Railroad Avenue.

Odessa Police checked out a report of a dispute between two men in the 100 block of East 1st Avenue.

Sunday, May 6: Deputies assisted a Sterling Valley Road resident in getting a dog that had been bitten by a snake from there to a veterinarian in Spokane.

Deputies investigated a dispute about property lines involving residents of the 300 block of East Walnut in Sprague.

A caller expressed concern about a campfire at the shooting range near Old Sprague Highway and Mill Ranch Road because of windy conditions in the area. A responding deputy advised the fire had been put out.


April 29: Jack Wayne Covey, 46, Lincoln, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for failing to appear for reckless driving.

Joshua Scott Hodges, 25, Colville, arrested by LCSO for possession of a stolen vehicle.

Amanda Ann Stanger, 35, Spokane, arrested by LCSO on a warrant for failing to respond.

April 30: Wedge James Neighbors, 45, Nine Mile Falls, held under contract with Stevens County for driving under the influence.

May 1: Michael Thomas Duncan, 40, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for driving under the influence.

May 3: Reggie Mark Boyd, 33, Fruitland, arrested by LCSO on out-of-county felony and misdemeanor warrants and for driving while license suspended.

Beverly Rose Dunn, 57, Wilbur, arrested by LCSO for a physical control traffic violation.

Jacob Adrian Poteet, 35, Harrington, arrested by LCSO for second-degree assault.

May 4: Robert Earl Brown, 42, Spokane Valley, arrested by LCSO for tampering with a witness.

Michael Jackson, 33, Los Angeles, Calif., arrested by LCSO for harassment (threat to kill) and intimidating a witness.

May 5: Terry Robert Dellinger, 47, Wallace, Idaho, arrested by LCSO for driving under the influence.

Natalie Joy Gostynski, 30, Grand Coulee, arrested by LCSO for fourth-degree assault.

Between April 29 and May 6, nine individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Jury Verdict

A jury found Andrew Robert McClure, 27, of Davenport and/or Spokane, not guilty of first-degree incest and second-degree rape of a child to conclude a May 2 trial. The charges involved an alleged incident in July 2014 involving a girl who was 13-years-old at the time, but was reported in January 2016.

Criminal Sentencings

Brian Jon Bailey, 59, of Wilbur, pleaded guilty May 1 to second-degree burglary in connection with a Jan. 19, 2016, crime in Wilbur. As a result of a plea agreement, prosecutors withdrew additional charges of second-degree theft and residential burglary (related to a March 5, 2016, incident). His sentence includes three months in jail, payment of an undetermined amount of restitution and $800 court costs.

Christina Sue Gordon, 37, of Spokane, pleaded guilty May 1 to second-degree theft. As a result of a plea agreement, prosecutors withdrew additional charges of residential burglary and first-degree trafficking in stolen property. Her sentence requires payment of $480 restitution, $800 court costs and $500 public defender reimbursement. The case involved the May 23, 2017, taking of tools, paint and a paint sprayer owned by a contractor working at a residence on Calvert Road North. The items were subsequently found at a Spokane pawn shop, which paid out $480 for items valued at about $3,000.

New Civil Cases

The court was asked to appoint a guardian ad litem to handle an insurance settlement on behalf of two Wilbur children, ages 6 and 16, who were involved in a vehicular collision in Spokane on Aug. 9 of last year.

Linda J. Kraft seeks partitioning of shared property at 625 East Cottonwood Avenue in Reardan. She wants to terminate the relationship with the respondent, Ronald R. Morse, with whom she has lived in the residence. Each owns a 50 percent interest in the property. The petitioner would like the court to appoint a single referee or a licensed real estate agent familiar with Lincoln County to handle a private sale of the property and equitably divide the proceeds between the two parties.


The state Adult Protective Services seeks appointment of a guardian for an 85-year-old Sprague woman, an alleged incapacitated person who has been diagnosed with dementia.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Alexander Lee Brown, Olympia, Wash., speeding (13 mph over limit), dismissed at prosecutor’s request; operating motor vehicle without insurance, dismissed at prosecutor’s request, $25 administrative fee.

Michael Logan Arnett, Spokane, driving while license suspended and illegal possession of a legend drug, pleaded guilty, 1 day jail, $1,143 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation, no possession or use of non-prescribed drugs or marijuana, chemical dependency evaluation and recommended treatment.

Dmitry Shepel, Mukilteo, Wash., operate motor vehicle without insurance, contested, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Randy Cole Patrick, Ford, driving under the influence, 30 days jail (1 credited as served) or 60 days electronic home monitoring, $2,553 court assessments, 36 months supervised and 24 months unsupervised probation, alcohol/drug evaluation and recommended treatment, DUI victims' panel, no possession or consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs (monitored by random testing), comply with rules and regulations of state Department of Licensing regarding installation and use of a functioning ignition interlock device; driving while license suspended, dismissed at prosecutor’s request.

Jack Wayne Covey, Lincoln, probation violation (driving under the influence), 5 days jail (1 credited as served) converted to 32 hours community service, $61.20 court assessment.

James Arnold Bicknell II, Lincoln, driving under the influence, 2 days jail (credited as served), $2,096 court assessments, 36 months supervised and 24 months unsupervised probation, alcohol/drug evaluation and recommended treatment, DUI victims' panel, comply with rules and regulations of state Department of Licensing regarding installation and use of a functioning ignition interlock device.

Greg Charles Buchmann, Odessa and Airway Heights, speeding (16 over), contested, found committed, fined $187.

Larry Reed Scoles II, Sprague, probation violation (possession of prohibited weapons), 5 days jail converted to 40 hours community service, $150 court assessments.

Barbara Anne Doughty, Sprague, driving while license suspended, pleaded guilty, $493 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation, deferred sentence (may change plea when court’s conditions are met).

Ruben Rincon, Bakersfield, Calif., driving too fast for conditions, amended to expired vehicle tabs, pleaded committed, fined $187.

Gurnek Singh, Bakersfield, Calif., distracted driving, amended to expired vehicle tabs, pleaded committed, fined $99.

Landon Townley, Brush Prairie, Wash., speeding (11 over), amended to expired vehicle tabs, pleaded committed, fined $156.

Vadim Romanel, Canton, MI, improper passing on left, contested, found committed, fined $136; speeding (13 over), amended to 5 over, pleaded committed, fined $105.

Richard Lee Vandergriff, Jr., Creston, violating a no-contact order, pleaded guilty, 4 days jail with 2 credited as served and 2 converted to 16 hours community service, $493 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation; probation violation (violating a no-contact order), 2 days jail (credited as served).

Reggie Boyd, Fruitland, probation violation (driving while license suspended), 5 days jail (1 credited as served), $141.60 court assessments.

Philip J. Van de Veer, Visiting Judge

Kenneth Veryl Henson, Elk, Wash., speeding (6 to 10 mph over) in school crosswalk (Reardan), found not committed.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

Decrees granted – Jan. 22: Chantelle (Lelia C.) Lehmann and John R. Lehmann, of Creston, married Jan. 28, 2005, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, separated Nov. 24, 2016, no dependent children of the marriage.

New filings – April 27: Paul D. and Cassandra L. Douglas, of Almira, married Nov. 4, 2000, in Wilbur, separated Feb. 20, 2018, two dependent children of the marriage. Also, 38 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 2 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

William and Tove Grigsby, Palm Desert, Calif., to Richard D. Jaeger and Zenda R. Reidt, Wilbur – property at 506 NW Portland Street, Wilbur (in Railroad Addition to Town of Wilbur), $195,700.

Banner Bank (formerly United Security Bank), Meridian, Idaho, to Sunset Ventures LLC, Davenport – property at 639 Morgan Street, Davenport (Lot 1 and west half of Lot 2 Blk. 78, Morgan’s Addition to City of Davenport), $159,000.

Marlene J. Thompson (individually and as personal representative, estate of Vernon Thompson), Seattle, to Rickie Lee Vaughan, Sr., and Margaret Ann Vaughan, Almira – property at 201 South B Street, Almira (in Thompson’s Addition to Town of Almira), $0.

David C. and Lynn K. (Cranston) Pebles, Davenport, to Brady and Renee Anderson, Davenport – property at 1003 Washington Street, Davenport (Lots 1 and 2 and portions of Lots 3, 8-10, Blk. 15, Dillon’s Addition to City of Davenport, and vacated alley), $165,830.

First Hill LLC, Rutland, Ohio, to Donna K. Nagy, Athens, Ohio – Tri Canyon Ranch Tracts 213 and 214 (Secs. 27 and 34), $0.

Planet Home Lending LLC, Menden, Conn., to U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Carollton, Texas – property at 31965 Hawk Creek Ranch Road, Davenport (Tract 224, portion of southwest quarter of Sec. 19, T26N, R36E), $80,688.

O. Tony and Nancy Jewett, Tucson, Ariz., to Mark A. and Daryce D. Wyborney, Veradale, Wash. – property at 17019 Columbia View Road East (Lot 6, Hanson Harbor Subdivision), $85,000.

Keith Young, Grand Coulee, to Brent C. and Brooke A. Harwood, Ellensburg, Wash. – property at 43420 SR 174N, Grand Coulee (Lot 2, Keith Young Short Plat), $145,000.

Steven C. and Marylynn R. Eltrich, Fox Island, Wash., to Steven C. and Marylynn Eltrich (trustees, Eltrich Living Trust), Fox Island – property at 34332 Ptarmigan Lane North, Davenport (Lot 4, Hawk Creek Short Plat), $0.

Ernest C. Pinza (trustee, Davis 1980 Family Trust), San Jose, Calif., to Joy Alene Kirkpatrick (two-thirds interest) and Brooke Winona Ottum (one-third), Seattle – property in Secs. 28, 33 and 34, T21N, R37E, $0.

Larry Ford, Davenport, to Ray E. Carter, Davenport – property at 36540 Hart Road North, Davenport (portion of southwest quarter, Sec. 33, T27N, R37E), $94,000.

Doug Lemon, Yakima, Wash., to Columbia Properties LLC, Wilbur – property at 206 Adams Street, Davenport (Lots 9-10, Blk. 20, Original Town of Davenport) and 2000 manufactured home, $65,000.

Marvin G. Gordon, Almira, to Andrew D. Ertz and Casey L. Ertz, Almira – property at 112 South 3rd, Almira (Lots 17-20, Blk. 29, Town of Almira), $150,000.

David L. Banks, Spokane, to Michael T. Banks, Davenport – property at 810 Merriam Street, Davenport (Lot 8, Blk. 10, Timmon’s Addition to Town of Davenport), $0.

Bar 41 Ranch LLC, Wilbur, to Phil Paquette, Ellensburg, Wash. – property at 106 NE Cliff Street, Wilbur (Lots 1-2, Blk. 4, Resurvey and Homestead Addition, Town of Wilbur), $65,000.

Brougher Ranch, Inc., Wilbur, to Lance O’Leary, Tacoma – property in northeast quarter, Sec. 20, T28N, R34E, $12,000.

Daniel R. McCanna, Creston, to Timothy (and Jan) McCanna, Yakima, Wash. – portions of northeast quarter, Sec. 22, T26N, R35E, $0.

Joan E. Sousley, Yakima, Wash., to Patrick Smith, Odessa – property at 104 East 1st Avenue, Odessa (Lots 7 and 11, Blk. 26, Finney and Pattee’s Addition to Town of Odessa), $77,200.


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