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Jesse and Meri Jane Bohn and daughter Brinley, 3


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What a beautiful morning! I am very thankful for life and to be experiencing it here in the lovely, peaceful community of Odessa. Let me introduce you to Jesse, Meri Jane Bohn and their three-year-old daughter Brinley. What a sweetie she is.

Meri Jane told me she has always been drawn to eastern Washington. About six years ago she applied for a job at town hall, but that job never opened to her. That did not deter her from her dream however. Her husband Jesse applied for a job out of Lind as a truck driver, and when he got the job they started looking for a place to live. They landed in Odessa and say they are very happy here. They love the community and the peacefulness.

Jesse was born in May of 1981 in Enumclaw and grew up with his parents, one sister and one brother, Jesse being the oldest. His father owned a construction company, and from a very young age his father taught him the trade. Jesse was able to work with him at various jobs. After Jesse graduated from Enumclaw High School in 2000, he went to auto diesel tech school and received an associate degree. After he graduated from tech school he worked with his father for a short period of time, then went to work for Acrylic Arts and Fabrication as a programmer and operator of a CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control). CNC machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. After 10 years he started his own trucking business and drove to places far from home and for long periods of time. The driving job he has now brings him home every day. Some of Jesse's hobbies are skydiving, camping and hiking, and he loves the great outdoors. Meri Jane was born February 1983 in Enumclaw and grew up there with her parents, four sisters and one brother, she being the second to youngest. As a child she says she helped her mother with the gardening and canning . She participated in all sports and played softball all the way through school. After graduation from Enumclaw High School in 2001, she worked in government for 15 years in customer service, billing and as a deputy clerk. Her hobbies include woodworking, and she is in the process of building an old-fashioned farm-style table for the kitchen. She also does beautiful cross-stitch work, scrapbooking and she still loves gardening. Along with their daughter Brinley they camp and hike as a family outing.

Jesse and Meri Jane grew up in the same neighborhood and have known each other all of their lives. They both come from multi-generational families in Enumclaw. They married in 2015 and are very happy to have made their new home in Odessa. We welcome you Jesse, Meri Jane and Brinley. Until next time-Enjoy life!


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