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Letter to the Editor: Saying farewell to man's best friend


August 23, 2018

To the Editor:

She had turned 13 this Fathers Day. She went everywhere I went! If not on the bed with me when I was ill, she was always there on the floor next to the bed when jumping up on it was to hard to do because of her arthritis. A real trooper! She never showed the pain she had to endure daily from injuries to her back hips, which in an odd way helped me deal with the pain of a broken neck. She was always at the ready to go or do anything. But a car ride and the ball were her favorites! They made her so happy. She always greeted everyone with a ball in her mouth. Look at me, she was saying! So proud to show off her ball to anyone that walked by or gave her the time of day. She was a pest with that ball of hers to the point you had to lock it up to get a rest from her and it or throw it into the bushes or down the hill to wear her out! She would jump our four-foot fence daily to greet the neighbor when he came home from work at 5 p.m. In the car, her ears were flapping in the wind, rain was pelting her face at 60 mph, and she was loving it. The wetter the better no matter the temp. She also loved water! Spending hours at a time just swimming in circles. Then she was also part sub, picking up rocks off the bottom of the swimming hole. Then while all wet she’d bring it to you, to show what she brought you! Then shake violently and get everyone wet. She hid her ball in my chair multiple times daily. The barking at you so you would throw the ball for her was sometimes irritating, but I miss it now. The silence is odd. We will miss her greatly! It’s been a great ride, Riley. Rest in peace. 6-20-05 to 8-16-18

Pat & Mary Gamache



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