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Mass murderers on the loose here

Series: Letter to the Editor | Story 3

Last updated 10/29/2018 at 5:04am

To the Editor:

It looks like we have created a generation of mass murderers. The kind we read about and grew up with! Serial killers like Ted Bundy, Son of Sam, The Green River Killer etc. But now they’re so much younger!

Most are 14-22 years of age. Florida’s shooter was only 19! I am sure that we will find out he was a result of bullying! Most have been or are bullied, made fun of or ridiculed for being, shall we say, different. But that’s what makes America, America!

Today, they just kill them all at once! It’s faster that way! Shooting others without any remorse at all! Revenge is the only thing on their minds. Then they take their own life! Leaving us all with unanswered questions!

Most of our youth today respect no one except themselves! It’s the “all about me” generation. What did you get me. That’s not what I wanted! I want that one! I want it now!

Then there was this 12-year-old boy walking past my house talking with his friends on his smart phone! He was talking all about how he got mad at some girl and hit her so hard on the face, to leave a big red hand print, because he didn’t like what she had said to him. I believe she called him an ass. I hate to see that kid in 5 to 10 years, scary to think about what kind of bigger bully he will become in the years ahead. Stay out of his way!

And to be so proud of what he did, with his two brothers listening to the whole thing! Beaming from ear to ear with a big smile on his face as he walked past. Did his siblings watch? I hope not. Impressionable at about 6 and 8 years of age.

I feel sorry for his mother because you know he learned it from video games and his peers! To have young boys hit a female! Or anyone for that matter! Is this the legacy we want to leave behind in history?

We grew up in a time when it was all right to do your own thing, do whatever we wanted to. We even sang that song! So now we have taught our children that. So they do, and won’t listen. Oh, they’re just kids, some parents say! They will grow out of it. Good luck with that!

This is not the 1960s, 70s, or 80s anymore, people! Our children are mirrors of us, like it or not. We need to teach our children respect!

We need to lock up the guns! I personally think Seattle’s new law is great! If your gun is used in a crime, and you haven’t reported it stolen, you should be fined $1,500 for leaving your gun unsecured. Life is worth so much more then $1,500.

An old friend of ours, went on vacation one weekend to return home to having 23 pistols and rifles stolen, worth approx. $8,000 to $10,000, because he wanted immediate access to them at all times! He had at least one loaded in every room of the house, with two young children playing in the house, and other children visiting them all the time. It was only a matter of time!

Boy was he mad when they were stolen! Only six of them were registered, so no insurance money and no way to track the stolen guns! Had he bought stolen guns? You take that chance with a private sale.

Who needs all that kind of fire power anyhow? What did they do? Why are they so scared? Are they planing something? A little overkill, I think! The guns were stolen by teenagers, classmates of their kids, and too much info posted on Facebook.

We all need to protect ourselves and family, but are more guns really the answer? I only need one! Smith and Wesson. It will get the job done, bar none! There are so many good gun safes out there that allow immediate access to your gun with only your fingerprints. I love mine! Great insurance and peace of mind for your family, and everyone. Invest in one. It might save a life, and the loss of your gun! All lives matter!

Pat Gamache



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