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Diary of a mad, fat, bipolar woman #7


Last updated 2/16/2019 at 1:29pm

All right, lets talk about “Baby Mama/Daddy Drama.” Can somebody please tell me why I am constantly hearing about the parent with custody of the child withholding visitation from the other parent for stupid reasons. This is not legal and it is morally WRONG. I get it, you have custody, you hold all of the cards, but seriously, who are you hurting, YOUR CHILDREN.

I have been through it with people I love and let me tell you, I throw the law in the mom’s face whenever she tries to make up an excuse to not let the child see their Dad. She thinks that she gets to make up rules as she goes along and she does not.

You aren’t just hurting the other parent when you do these stupid things, you are hurting your child. Your child should be able to have both parents in his or her life.

I don’t understand how people can be this way and how the non-custodial parent really believes that the parent with custody can do it. They cannot. Stop being afraid and push those boundaries. It looks better that you tried to see your child and weren’t allowed to than that you didn’t try at all.

I grew up with a fantastic Dad. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, but I always kind of wondered why my biological father chose not to have anything to do with me. Did my Mom keep him away, or was it his choice? It was his choice. Because of that, when I had my oldest child, I chose to move 100 miles to be closer to the other side of her family. It didn’t matter that he had changed my life forever. What mattered is that she had the opportunity to be with all of her family and to know who they were and make her own decisions about them.

So I guess what I am saying is stop being selfish and start thinking about your child and how you can make them happy by letting them have their entire family in their life.


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