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Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, June 24: A caller reported her husband and 12-year-old daughter had not returned as expected from a camping trip she thought was occurring in the Lincoln County areas of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

Somebody sprayed black paint on two vehicles owned by Rocky Coulee Brewing Co. that were parked in the 200 block of North 1st Street in Odessa.

An Almira woman reported someone had fraudulently opened credit accounts by using her former last name.

Sprague ambulance personnel were set to the scene of a truck and trailer rollover mishap on Interstate 90.

One person was transported to a Spokane hospital.

Deputies advised an Edwall area resident who had received harassing text messages to seek a no-contact order from the court.

After receiving a report that a suspicious man wearing an orange shirt was discovered in a yard along Aspen Lane East near Davenport, a deputy determined that the man was on duty with a tree-cutting crew.

An Edwall caller reported someone drove through a new fence in the vicinity of Snider and Mecklenberg roads.

A caller told dispatchers that an underage 14-year-old girl was driving throughout the Sprague city limits in a pickup truck. A responding deputy learned the girl was with her grandmother and learning to drive.

Tuesday, June 25: A one-vehicle collision was reported at Bull Run and Circle roads in the Ford area of Lincoln County. The caller reporting it thought it strange that the vehicle’s occupants left the scene when he went there and came back when he left.

Calling from the 500 block of NW Armstrong Avenue, a Wilbur woman said someone continuously knocks on her door and leaves before she can answer. A suspect was identified and taken into custody.

A caller observed a young boy dressed in pajamas and rain boots throwing sticks at vehicles passing by in the 400 block of Tenth Street in Davenport.

Responding to the 300 block of West 8th Avenue, Odessa ambulance personnel assisted a 67-year-old man suffering from extreme dizziness.

Dispatchers received a report that a recent high school graduate “drives crazy” and at high speeds on Coal Creek Road near Harrington.

An Odessa caller advised that a pit bull she encountered while walking in the vicinity of North Division Street and East May Avenue was barking very aggressively as if it wanted to attack her.

Reardan EMS and Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a diabetic woman in her late 60s and transported her from the 400 block of North Lake Street in Reardan to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

Even with a new fence in place, three neighbor dogs found access to property along SR 231 north of Reardan, prompting concerns from the landowner who wants to protect his Yorkie puppies from them.

A Wilbur caller reported her small Chihuahua dog was attacked an injured by what she described as an “aggressive” pit bull in the 10 block of NW Portland Street.

A strong odor, possibly from anhydrous from the McGregor Co. plant in Creston, was reported.

Wednesday, June 26: A deputy responded to a report of a suspicious man dressed in camouflage who was observed taking a black garbage bag from the Davenport Family Foods dumpster to Pioneer Plaza, where he walked in and out of the restroom area.

A Wilbur resident reported a construction crew continually begins working – and making noise – at 5:30 a.m. in the vicinity of Broadway and Railroad near the post office.

Emergency personnel from Creston and Lincoln were involved in assisting an 86-year-old man who may have suffered a stroke at a Sterling Valley Road residence. He was taken to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

A boat with two aboard became disabled on Lake Roosevelt in the Spring Canyon area.

Davenport ambulance personnel transported a 63-year-old woman with diabetic issues from a residence on Fisher Road East, north of Reardan, to a Spokane hospital.

Sprague ambulance personnel transported a 73-year-old man who was vomiting and acting confused from the 500 block of West 2nd Street to a Spokane hospital.

A caller discovered “a lot of garbage,” including prescription bottles, left in the roadway on SR 28 near its intersection with Bluestem Road.

Thursday, June 27: A caller advised that a cougar was responsible for killing about six or seven young elk from a herd of about 30, chasing them through fences in the Sterrett Road area near Davenport.

Deputies responded to a report of an assault involving two men at a residence on Geostar Drive North in Grand Coulee.

Dispatchers took a report of a minor fender-bender involving two vehicles in the Lincoln Hospital parking lot in Davenport.

Odessa ambulance personnel transported a 92-year-old woman who had fallen and broken an arm from the 400 block of South 2nd Street to Odessa Memorial Hospital.

Deputies investigated a report of possible child abuse involving two young children in the Davenport area.

Odessa firefighters responded to a brush fire near the intersection of SR 28 and Kagele Road that consumed an Inland Power and Light Co. pole.

A vehicle driving at high speeds on Seventh Street in Almira was observed spinning around in farmers’ fields.

A 28-year-old Edwall woman told dispatchers she had abdominal pain, felt faint and needed an ambulance to get to Lincoln Hospital from her Oregon Street residence.

Friday, June 28: A caller reported two llamas, accompanied by a dog, were in her yard adjacent to Coal Springs Road North in the Davenport area. A responding deputy located the owner and issued a warning that a citation could come her way if this continues.

Dispatchers learned about a man wearing a green hat and jacket going door-to-door in the 600 block of Maxwell Street in Davenport seeking old cell phones from residents. A suspect was identified and told to stop this activity.

Davenport ambulance personnel were among those responding to a one-vehicle collision at the intersection of Third and Logan streets. A 37-year-old woman was treated at Lincoln Hospital.

Several sheds were reported on fire on property adjacent to Waukon Road North in the Edwall area. As water trucks were recruited from local ag supply companies, deputies closed Waukon and Fancher roads to traffic. Reardan, Edwall and Sprague fire units, along with an air attack from the state Department of Natural Resources, were used to battle the blaze.

A 55-year-old woman with possible heart problems was transported by Creston and Lincoln ambulance personnel from a residence on Ivy Way North in Lincoln to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

A minor child was observed using a vaping pen at the Sprague city park.

Deputies investigated a report that a kayak had been taken without permission from a residence in the 22000 block of Scharff Road North in Davenport.

Sprague ambulance personnel responded to the scene where a vehicle reportedly went off Interstate 90.

The driver of a vehicle that left SR 28 and went into a ditch about seven miles south of Davenport told first responders she was experiencing back pain.

Saturday, June 29: A collision involving a vehicle and deer took place at the intersection of Waukon Road North and Stark Road East in the Edwall area.

Davenport ambulance transported a reportedly intoxicated 78-year-old man who fell down some stairs inside a residence on Southwind Drive in Seven Bays to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

A Harrington area woman told dispatchers she found a note from her 17-year-old daughter that she was running away from home.

Declining to identify himself other than through his phone number, a Harrington man informed dispatchers he was planning to take his own life. Arriving in the 400 block of West Willis Street, a responding deputy, joined by Harrington ambulance personnel, entered the residence and found the man’s body with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A caller observed someone driving erratically on U.S. 2 near Wilbur before pulling over to throw out garbage and baby chicks into the roadway.

A deputy responded to a report of two individuals engaged in a loud verbal argument at the Wilbur park.

Davenport ambulance personnel transported a 73-year-old woman who had suffered from stomach flu for three days from the 200 block of Marshall Street to Lincoln Hospital.

Wind fueled a field fire behind a residence in the 38000 block of Teel Hill Road North, to which firefighters from Davenport and Egypt were dispatched. A tractor was used to extinguish the flames.

Deputies responded to a report of an assault involving two family members in the vicinity of Ninth and Ross streets in Davenport.

A woman told a National Park Service ranger that she needed assistance locating her husband after he became angry and left a wedding party at Laughbon Landing on foot, walking south on Porcupine Bay Road.

A one-vehicle rollover collision was reported in the vicinity of Morrison Road East and Oehlwein Road North in the Davenport area. Davenport ambulance personnel transported the 19-year-old male driver to Lincoln Hospital for an examination. The vehicle was towed from where it landed in a wheat field.

A Creston caller expressed concern about young people riding ATVs on a dirt road in the vicinity of the 300 block of NE Foster Street.

A deputy checked out the 300 block of West Main Street in Harrington after receiving a report that someone driving a loud pickup truck near the post office also was lighting off M-80s.

Sunday, June 30: Several callers reported at least two vehicles drag-racing in the vicinity of Davenport Motor Co. and Davenport High School. One caller suggested a suspect and the involvement of alcohol.

Responding to the 1400 block of Morgan Street, Davenport ambulance personnel assisted an 89-year-old man with some kind of bleeding problem.

Dispatchers were advised of a possible sewage and mold problem inside a residence at the Lakeview Terrace Mobile Home Park near Grand Coulee.

LifeFlight aerial ambulance personnel joined others who responded to the 20000 block of Lake Roosevelt Drive East in the Creston area to assist an 83-year-old man who rolled a tractor down a 30-foot embankment and needed help getting out from under it. A landing zone for the helicopter was established on Jump Canyon Road.

A 10-foot aluminum boat slipped off a utility trailer in the vicinity of Gunning and Hawk Creek roads near Davenport. Its owner eventually returned and recovered the boat.

A fight involving three men was reported at the Spring Canyon campground near Grand Coulee.

A Creston woman, possibly delusional as a result of new medications, phoned in a report of waking from a nap and seeing babies, disfigured children and farm animals at her residence. Another member of the household didn’t see what she claimed to see and told dispatchers he would get her to a doctor the next day.


June 25: Gabrielle L. Dashkovskiy, 23, Colville, arrested by Reardan Police for an ignition interlock violation.

Todd Edwin Miller, 46, Wilbur, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for violating probation or supervision.

Ryan Wesley Olson, 34, Wilbur, arrested by LCSO for first-degree criminal trespass.

June 26: Darwin James McDonald, 31, Airway Heights, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

June 27: Michael A. Gonzales, 34, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for driving under the influence and without a license.

David C. Trieschmann, 36, Spokane, arrested by LCSO for violating probation.

An additional two individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections. One was held for the U.S. Marshal’s Service and one for the Kalispel Tribe of Indians.


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