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John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Criminal Sentencing

Demica D.Bradford, 27, of Spokane, pleaded guilty July 2 to possession of amphetamine in connection with an Oct.18, 2018, incident at New Alliance Counseling Center in Davenport. Her sentence includes 19 days jail and payment of $600 court assessments.

Civil Judgment

In a default judgment issued June 27, Alex P. Flett, of Davenport, must pay $2,364.74 to petitioner Capital One Bank for unpaid debt on a credit account.

New Civil Case

Lincoln County seeks payment of delinquent property taxes for parcels in the county from Edward E. and Karen Badger, of Creston, $1,031.71; Jed and Kelsi DeBord, of Midland, Texas, $3,430.57; Matthew Struve, of Creston, $741.28; Joanne Swanson (Stackhouse) and Christopher C. Rogers, of Everett, Wash., $2,630.64; Lawrence J. Cameron, of Indian Valley, Idaho, $1,811.38; Samantha R. Todd, of Las Vegas, Nev., $185.01, $192.21, $148.93; L&C Dynasty Ltd., of Snoqualmie, Wash., $322.09, $466.39; Janet Kay Bonawits Meekin, of Rockford, Wash., $281.75, $1,560.13; Barbara H. Gharst, of Bremerton, Wash., $219.20; Russell and Camille Becker, of Yakima, $2,797.69; Bhupesh Pratap and Nirupama Bhupesh Patkar, of Seattle, $172.28; and Robert L. Hansen, Hugh Hurlburt and Naomi Hurlburt, of Lincoln, $182.50.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Cody Daniel Sweet, Spokane, probation violation (driving while license suspended), 2 days jail (credited as served), $102 court assessments.

Rachel Renee Ramirez, Dayton, Wash., probation violation (driving under the influence), 18 days jail (credited as served).

Gloria Beth Endress, Cusick, Wash., probation violation (driving under the influence), 21 days jail (credited as served), $102 court assessments, no possession, use or consumption of alcohol, marijuana and non-prescribed drugs (monitored by random testing).

Darwin J. McDonald, Airway Heights, probation violation (driving while license suspended), 1 day jail (credited as served), $99.60 court assessments.

Marlie Lyman Rose, Harrington, displaying weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon, pleaded guilty, 14 days jail (credited as served), $493 court assessments, 24 months supervised probation, no-contact order issued, no possession, use or consumption of alcohol, marijuana and non-prescribed drugs (monitored by random testing); a second count of possession of a dangerous weapon was dismissed; driving while license suspended, dismissed.


Lincoln County Auditor’s Office

Drew Braxton Johnson, 20, of Wilbur, and Monica Ilene Funk, 18, of Lincoln.

Myles Landon Wilson, 21, and Jessa Marie Williamson, 18, both of Davenport.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings: 25 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.


Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

John W. and Carolyn I. Scott, Otis Orchards, to Todd M. and Kari Collier, Seven Bays – property at 301 A East Airport Loop, Seven Bays (Lot 1, Blk. 3, Airport Addition to Seven Bays), $100,000.

Brett C. and Charlene J. Guhlke, Davenport, to Dale R. and Theresa M. Buchanan, Raleigh, N.C. – property at 1001 Morgan Street, Davenport (Lots 4 and 5, Blk. 28, Timmon’s Second Addition to City of Davenport), $165,000.

Bandy Family LLC, Wilbur, to Egbert Cattle Co. LLC, Grand Coulee – property at 35546 Geib Road North, Wilbur (southwest and southeast quarters of Sec. 1, T26N, R32E), $550,000.

James Hickey, Davenport, to James T. Hickey III and Vickie L. Hickey, Davenport – property at 42540 Buckhorn Road North, Davenport (Lot 15, Deer Heights Plat 1), $0.

Monty B. Chamberlain (personal representative, estate of Edward J. Godwin), Spokane, to Estate of Katherine Chamberlain (also known as K. La Vel Chamberlain), Spokane – portions of southwest, southeast and northeast quarters of Sec. 23, T27N, R39E, $0.

Leland J. and Brandy L. Smith, Mohler, to Dennis C. Bergquist, Bremerton, Wash. – property at 9788 Knapp Road North, Mohler (Lots 17-21, Blk. 6, Town of Mohler), $29,000.

Robert Frank, El Sobrante, Calif., to American Dream Lands LLC, Walnut, Calif. – portion of southwest quarter of Sec. 8, T25N, R35E, $3,000.

Jon L. and Heidi A. LaPine, Brier, Wash., to Andrew Manke, Reardan – property at 510 Airport Way, Seven Bays (Lot 10, Blk. 5, Airport Addition to Seven Bays), $10,000.

Clifford W. and Radean Petrie, Petersburg, Ky., to Tanaia M. and Brandon N. Peterson, Davenport – property at 39024 Petrie Lane East, Davenport (Tract 3, Armstrong Short Plat), $142,500.

Lance R. Bowers, Tonasket, Wash., to Darren L. R. Bowers, Harrington – property at 309 North Third Street, Harrington (Lot 11, Blk. 11, Town of Harrington), $0.

Robert P. Palmer and David T. Palmer, Davenport, to Martin S. Palmer, Davenport – property at 719 Jefferson Street, Davenport (west 25 feet of Lot 1 and all of Lot 2, Blk. 36, Dillon’s Addition to City of Davenport), $0.

Larry L. Ford, Davenport, to Jacob T. and Jennifer Coffey, Los Angeles, Calif. – property at 63 Marshall Street, Davenport (Lot 2, Blk. 6, Original Addition to Town, now City, of Davenport), $75,000.

Lance P. and Jessica A. Strite, Davenport, to Anne E. and Clarence R. Peters, Davenport – property at 601 Maxwell Street, Davenport (Lot


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