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Meet the candidates: Victoria Iverson vs. Tami Smith


September 19, 2019

General election on November 5, 2019

This week, The Record continues its series on candidates running for positions in town government as they present their views on various topics of interest to Odessa's citizens. The planned community forum on October 7, during which townspeople can meet the candidates, will allow each candidate to explain in greater detail how he or she plans to address the issues facing the town's government officials. It will also allow the public some additional opportunities to question the candidates in an open but nevertheless structured environment.

This week we present the two candidates for town council position #1, in which incumbent Victoria Iverson faces challenger Tami Smith. Both candidates have opted this week to provide written information to The Record rather than completing an interview.

Ballot Drop Box Locations:

Lincoln County Courthouse

450 Logan, Davenport

24-hr. drive-up drop box

Elections desk drop

Mon-Fri 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Harrington City Hall

11 S. 3rd Street, Harrington

24-hr. drive-up drop box

Tami Smith

I have lived in Odessa my whole life and have raised my family here. My daughter Shelby lives outside of Ritzville and is an accountant for a company in Moses Lake. My son Markus is a graduate of U of I. He came back to Odessa after obtaining his degree and is farming land around Odessa.

Through the years, I have been dedicated to this community and volunteered in many ways. I was an EMT for the ambulance crew for almost 20 years. I was part of the Chamber board for three years, and I have been Biergarten chairman three times. For many years, I have helped set up food booths and get the town ready for Fest. This last year, I joined the town planning committee to help better the community.

I love this little town. It gives me pride when I meet people from elsewhere who have been through Odessa and comment on what a pretty town it is. I know the importance of keeping this town clean and having pride in where you live. This community is always supportive. If something happens, we unite and come together to support each other. It has a real sense of family.

Being on the planning committee, I have developed a real interest in city government and in how this town is run. I am extremely happy with the direction the town is going, and I want to be a part of that. I am excited to see the roads and water lines getting fixed with little cost to taxpayers. I believe the new police officers hired are a great addition to this community. I like the new nuisance ordinance created to clean up area of concern, and I appreciate how the town's ordinances on dogs and farm animals are being upheld. I am excited to learn about other Odessa ordinances and how they work.

Attending recent council meetings, I have learned there are different committees each council member is assigned to. I look forward to being an active participant on whatever committees I am a part of. I am willing to put in the needed time and effort required to be a good council member.

This town means a lot to me. I know how that statement is true for many of the people who live here. Listening to the people and making informed decisions for the majority will be my top priority.

Victoria Iverson

I graduated from the University of Idaho with a BS in criminal justice and a minor in sociology, and that is where I met my husband Todd Iverson. We married in March 1997. I began working at the Spokane County Jail in January 1997 as a corrections officer, where I worked for 12 years. I began law school in August 1998 and continued work full time while I obtained my JD in December 2002.

Our daughter Alyssa Iverson (a high school junior) was born in October 2004. We lived in Spokane until the opportunity to purchase a law practice came along. In January 2009, we moved to Odessa, and I opened Iverson Law Office. I operate an office in both Odessa and Ritzville, while I practice in Lincoln, Adams, Grant, Franklin and Benton Counties.

I am also a volunteer EMT in Odessa and have been volunteering for approximately six years. I have met so many wonderful people as an EMT.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with advanced-stage breast cancer and have been fighting it for four years now. I worked throughout all my treatments, and, as Judge Dixon pointed out, I am "one of the toughest attorneys I know." I never quit working, which shows how determined and focused I am.

I was elected to the councilman #1 position in 2018 and have loved every minute of it. As a council member, I've been able to support the Odessa Police Department. I believe that we need to keep our police department intact. I believe the police presence not only deters crime but that our community feels safer with a local presence. Our officers have been kept very busy. One of the largest problems the officers have had to deal with lately has concerned loose dogs and dog attacks. We, as a council, have been attempting to solve this problem. Additionally, I fully support a local police dog to help with the drug problem. I was very excited when we were able to obtain Sasha and was sad to see her go. I am hopeful that we will be able to find another dog to fill her shoes.

As a council member, I have been appointed to the administrative committee, the streets and buildings committee and the social media and community relations committee. As a member of the administrative committee, I have reviewed contracts and leases. This fits well into my wheelhouse as an attorney. I believe we can do more in the social media and community relations department, so my next goal will be to have a more active presence on social media, and although there have been several community members at the meetings, I'd like to see even more. The town of Odessa has been lucky enough to obtain several grants to improve the road infrastructure in the town, and I'd like to see this continue. I believe I'd be a great asset to assist in this.


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