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November 28, 2019


Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Nov. 18: An injured deer on the side of the road near Wilbur was reported.

A Davenport man requested to speak to a deputy regarding an illegal narcotics situation.

A caller reported that he found a lost handgun.

An Odessa man requested assistance with collecting his belongings from his former residence.

A Reardan man called to report that a mother hit her daughter.

A Davenport man reported that someone was driving fast through puddles behind the football fields. When he stopped to talk to the driver, the car took off. The caller recorded the car’s licenses plate number and gave it to the Sheriff’s Office.

A Wilbur man claimed he saw a woman wondering through town. He reported her first name and said he wants her picked up for trespassing, though he was unable to say when he saw her.

A Davenport woman reported a possible DUI on a highway.

A Seattle man reported he was on a People to People bus in Lincoln County and a woman was threatening to assault him.

A Davenport woman reported she saw a person walking with a flashlight where the fire was last week.

A fight was reported in Creston.

A Davenport woman reported two people walking by her window.

Nov. 19: A Davenport man reported a breaking and entering.

A Moses Lake man reported cows on the road on a highway in Lincoln County.

A Davenport woman reported her ex-boyfriend broke into her house.

An abandoned van was reported in Sprague.

A Davenport woman said that people were trespassing on or “near” her property.

A Wilbur man says another man hit him with a box.

A Creston man reported a family member drove into a ditch.

Nov. 20: The Spokane Jail called to say they have an inmate with a felony warrant in Lincoln County who is ready for transport.

A Spokane woman reported that she wants to visit a woman in Wilbur, but the women’s husband won’t let her in.

A caller reported they found a wallet.

Nov. 21: A woman said a man whom she has a protection order against broke into her home and stole her phone.

An Edwall women said she locked her young children in a vehicle and needed help getting in.

A welfare check was requested by a person in Utah for a person in Lincoln County.

Nov. 22: A woman reported a car broken down on SR25 in bad spot in the fog. Caller was worried about the driver’s safety.

Child Protection Agency referred a case to the Sheriff’s Office.

A woman requested a welfare check be done on a toddler.

A Davenport woman reported a five-year-old child, of whom she is the legal guardian, is assaulting her.

In Davenport, a wanted person turned themselves in.

Nov. 23: An assault was reported by a third party.

A caller reported he can’t find his friends.


Nov. 18: Gail McClung, 58, Reardan, arrested by the Reardan Police department on a charge of assault.

Nov. 20: Stephanie L. McDuffie, 48, Spokane, arrested by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of failing to comply.

Nov. 21: Tanner Lloyd Curtis, 27, Medical Lake, arrested by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on charges of theft and residential burglary.

Nov. 22: Philip Wayne Irwin, 27, Ford, arrested by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of driving under the influence.

Nov. 23: Jacob Martin Goodwin, 33, Wilbur, arrested by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of assault.

From Nov. 18 to 24, 10 individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections and one for the U.S. Marshal.


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