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Constitution is a plan for war and peace decisions

Series: Letter to the Editor | Story 27

December 5, 2019

To the Editor:

Every year Nancy and I start vegetables indoors in little cups. Within a few months we take them outside to plant. We have gotten very good at nurturing our plants from sprouting to harvesting. And, come planting time, we love the fact that we chose exactly which vegetables to grow and are not limited to what some store business plan decided is best. Our vegetable garden gets better every year.

Sometimes it seems attractive to have a neighbor take care of our seedlings if we want to take a little vacation.

Doing this, however, has produced some unfortunate outcomes and even one disaster.

When we are totally responsible for the garden plan, budgeting, growing and planting, the outcome is always best.

Similarly, our nation has a plan called the Constitution. In Article Two, Section Eight, it states that the Congress will be responsible for decisions of war and peace and for the funding of those decisions. Outsourcing Congress’s responsibility can lead to poor outcomes and even disaster. Let’s stick to the plan.

For the good of our nation’s harvest, Congress should take back its constitutionally delegated authority by supporting “Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force” (HR 1274).

Jeremy Street



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