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Birthdays and anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

Aug. 12: Cody Coppersmith

Aug. 13: Kyra Arland, Andrea Morgan

Aug. 14: Jerri Madison, Lillian Phillips, Chase Greenwood, Landon Harrison

Aug. 15: Jared King, Stephanie Linstrum, Bob Novak, Adney Lacy

Aug. 16: Andrew Schreck, Janelle Hiccox

Aug. 17: Janie Schreck, Ketner Kragt, Everett Prewitt

Aug. 18: Gene Hein, Renzley Gunning

Davenport anniversaries

Aug. 12: Jerry and Jeanne Newcomb

Aug. 13: Ken and Lynee Carpenter, Matthew and Nina Fisk

Aug. 15: Roger and Noreen Nutfless

Aug. 16: John and Janelle Hiccox

Aug. 17: Al and Gayle Semprimoznik

Reardan birthdays

Aug. 13: Lorri...


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