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Trapshooting season continues

ODESSA—The Spokesman-Review’s Inland Northwest Trapshoot competition started this last Sunday, Jan. 8.

Odessa and Marlin combine to make one team but compete from their respective locations. Both teams are listed combined.

Below are the first two weeks of results.

Week 1

16 Yard

25: Nick Tebow, Ryan Lewis, Dan Asker

24: Ryan Behrens, Brady Gies, Juan Rocha, Mark Vandeweqhe, Mark Iksic

23: Rochelle Schuh, Tucker Walter, Jim Imbert, Mike Bise, Austin Nelson, Mike Bechtel

22- Markus Smith, Anthony Paszkeicz, Jesse Reeves, Stan Dammel, Daryl Kimble

21:Tom Schuh, Tyler Smith, Curtis Weber, Wyatt Ha...


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