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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

April 7: Debbie Marriott, Christine Sanguinet Downey, Mick Tareski †

April 8: Sam Schneider, Troy Canfield, Tyler Ballance

April 9: Andrew Duff, Samantha Stiles, Travis Angstrom, Viola Lilje †

April 10: Judy Heid, Patricia Tarbert, Lindsey Wynecoop, Jett Morrison

April 11: Bill Guhlke, Charlie Schreck, Char Hutsell, Kelly Pankey, Rosie Buck, Ron Wilkie†

April 12: Ryan Bodeau

April 13: J.R. Rief, Caesar LeVault

Davenport anniversaries

April 7: Kevin and Sherill Hansen, David and Lorie Leath

April 9: Jim and Sandy Buchanan

April 10: Don and Shirley Larson

April 12: Terry and...


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