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Utah family enjoys Desert 100

IRBY - A Utah family traveled here so their daughter could participate in mini races leading up to the Desert 100.

The Pressley family is full of racers, but this weekend, 8-year-old Maya Pressley took the racing spotlight in the 9-10 age group in mini races Saturday, April 1.

Father Caleb Pressley, a former racer, said Maya Pressley wanted to race from a young age.

"Maya showed interest at 3," Pressley said. "But we didn't want her near that just yet."

Mother Arin Pressley said hearing about her youngest daughter's interest caught them off guard.

"Our oldest daughter (Shayla Pressley) never showed an interest," Pressley said. "We all loved going and watching the events, but riding wasn't a priority."

Maya Pressley was gifted her first bike as an early birthday gift.

"This is her first year on a bike," Caleb Pressley said. "She's determined to keep going, though."

Caleb Pressley raced into his early 20s, but a back injury forced a long hiatus.

"I always have enjoyed watching the sport," Pressley said. "I raced until I was 22, then broke my back.

"I have not ridden a dirt bike since my oldest was about 2 or 3."

He said after his oldest daughter Shayla, now 12, was born, he and his wife discussed his racing career.

"It was a close call when I broke my back," Pressley said. "But when Maya started showing interest, I was excited."

Arin Pressley said she is proud of her daughter's determination to try new things.

The family traveled from Utah but said the welcoming environment of the Desert 100 made the drive worth it.

And Maya might not be the only Pressley competing.

"If I can make it next year and ride," Caleb Pressley said. "I would be happy."


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