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Races with no filers

11 local positions were unfilled

DAVENPORT — 103 candidates filed for various positions ahead of the Aug. 1 primary election during the regular filing period last week, but that wasn’t enough to fill all the positions up for election. 11 races in our coverage area didn’t have anybody file for candidacy.

Elections deputy Norm Caley confirmed a special three-day election will be held to try and seek candidates for those positions, but a date hasn’t been set yet.

The local races that went unfiled were:

• Davenport city council position No. 2, presently held by Chris Ruiz.

• Davenport city council at-large position, presently held by Patrick Katz.

• Reardan town council position No. 2, presently held by Clay Soliday.

• Reardan town council position No. 4, presently held by Shad Vincent.

• Reardan-Edwall school board position No. 4, presently held by Jeff Anderson.

• Cemetery District No. 1 (Reardan), presently held by Jim Baye.

• Cemetery District No. 2 (Long Lake), presently vacant.

• Parks and Recreation District--Davenport, four open positions.

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