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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

June 2: Laurel Hansen, Christine Jenkins

June 3: Ryan Buchmann, Joe Coppersmith, James Current, Connie Lust

June 4: Maddilynn Collins, Gavin Boggs, Heath Becker

June 5: Janaye Wilkie, Bonnie Booth, Corday Umtuch

June 6: Shelby Hargrave, Addison Smith, Gary Kersten, Debbie Keller

June 7: Ruth Oehlwein, Kaysa Panke

June 8: Jeff Semprimoznik, MyKenzie Deverell, Jasper Linstrum

Davenport anniversaries

June 2: Max and Hannah Mielke

June 3: Harold and Claudia Thompson, Steve and Roberta Telecky, Mike and Dawn Hale

June 4: Matt and Andria Street

June 5: Jeremy and Shannon Sewall



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