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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

July 28: Josh Dodson, Gerry Hein, Grace Lilje, Carmelyn Choate

July 29: Rawleigh Fisk, Halie Ropp

July 30: Dawn Hale, Lily Harden, Brielle Ballance, Jamie Kunz

July 31: Sebastian Hardin

Aug. 1: Lila Lust, Lincoln Johnson

Aug. 2: Elly Bageant, Joseph Gunning, John Carruth

Aug. 3: Charles Oliver, Kim Hardin, Brenda Gamache, Doreen Forest

Davenport anniversaries

July 28: Micah and Carmelyn Choate

July 29: Brandon and Leslie King

July 30: Sam and Kathleen Posey, Mike and Renee Honey

July 31: Gabe and Traci Gants

Aug. 1: Brian and Darci Dennis

Aug. 2: Larry and Melissa Quisano



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