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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

Aug. 25: Braxton Collins

Aug. 26: Alex Merserve

Aug. 27: Brilee Sewall, Joshua Walker, Ellie Telford, Jimmy Cunningham

Aug. 28: Jody Howard, Irene Wilkie, Brock Gustaveson

Aug. 29: Leslie King, Cam Jessup, Mike Kunz, Ilene Hein, Lisa Lehman

Aug. 30: Brian Telford, Steve McLachlan, Peggy Elliott, Shae Parker

Aug. 31: Emily Warwick, Nick Morgan, Michael Wade

Davenport anniversaries

Aug. 25: Ken and Teresa Vesneske, Tyler and Kalah Dehn, Andrew and Janie Schreck

Aug. 26: Bo and Victoria Gunning, Ralph and Alice Nachtigal, Charley and Ginny Hein, Rolf and Heather Panke

Aug. 27:...


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