Serving Lincoln County for more than a century!

Candidate for Mayor of Odessa: Jeremy Smith

Age: 44

Family: Donny Smith- Grandfather

Syd Smith- Father

Michelle Pries- Mother

Related to various namessakes by blood or marriage- Wraspir-Webley-Smith-Haase-Iverson-


Day Job:

Relevent or Volunteer Experience: My wife (Amanda) and I own the 1902 Coffee House. I am a Certified Handgun Instructor

through CJTC. I was a Bail Enforcement Officer and Bondsman for 20+ years.

I volunteer as often as I can. I am a member of the Odessa Lions Club who complete many projects throughout the year inside the community. I am also a new member of the Ritzville Eagles.

Smith did not respond to multiple...


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