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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

March 1: Jeremy Sewall

March 2: Jersey Sanford, Donna Gauch

March 3: Wayde Badgley, Angie Duff, Tami Odenrider, Sarah Raugust, Ripp Coffman

March 4: Kelsie Mann, Briana Becker, Michelle Dodson

March 5: Donna Fisher

March 6: Angie Nicholls-Stiles, Dixie Guhlke, Jake Mattox, Lynnzee Zeus, Jennifer Gill

March 7: Jesse Morrision, Trissie Sanguinet, Ginny Hein, Alex Guhlke, Macie Hopkins

Davenport anniversaries

March 4: Josh and Danielle Miller

March 5: Stacey and Susie Friedlein

Reardan birthdays

March 1: Krissi Bell

March 3: Kacen Landreth, Jonah Hieb

March 5: Paul Williams



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