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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

May 3: Rod Pankey, Glenn Arland, Lynne Guhlke, Cassandra Collins, Jacob Anderson, Riley Hennings, Noraly Ezenyimulu, Charlie King

May 4: Ron Burnett, Marty Parsons, Kariya Lacy

May 5: Becky Oehlwein, Natasha Goetz

May 6: Andrew Collins, Eleanor Easley, Nicholas Goetz

May 7: Brett Gustaveson, Braxton Cloud, River Crandell, Sienna Miller

May 8: Sarah Jane Johnson, Ethan Plasencia, Jeanne Newcomb, Bryan Furman, Robert Jenkins, Aleisha Zaugg, Sienna Alspach

May 9: Stephanie Hileman

Davenport anniversaries

May 7: Doug and Bonnie Booth

May 9: Kevin and Judy Heid, Delbert and Rosi...


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