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Titan football team rolls over Republic; wins by 54


The Titan football team took the field by storm in the Sausage Bowl game on Saturday when they annihilated Republic by a score of 60-6.

The games started with four touchdowns in the first quarter. The first by Colton Hunt scoring on a 22-yard run, but missing the two-point conversion.

Not to be outdone, Gaven Elder also ran the ball for 22 yards and scored. The two-point conversion was run in by Marcus King, making the score 14-0.

Catching the pass from Hunt, Brad Johnston ran the ball 27 yards to score the third TD of the quarter with the two-point conversion run in by Sage Elder.

G. Elder ran the ball for 17 yards to score the fourth TD of the first quarter with Johnston scoring the two-point conversion on a pass from Hunt making the score 30-0.

The second quarter is very similar to the first, only some the names have changed.

It starts with a 10-yard run by Hunt to complete a TD and Chance Messer scoring the two extra points on a pass from Hunt.

Camden Weber took the ball for a 26-yard run down field, scoring the second TD of the second quarter. Weber also attempted the two-point conversion but was unsuccessful. The score in favor of the Titan is now 44-0.

King scored on a 33-yard run, with Johnston scoring the two points on a pass by Weber.

The fourth and final TD of the game for Odessa was by King on a five-yard run, with Caleb Behrens running in the two-point conversion.

The Titans go into the half with a score of 60, and do not score again for the rest of the game.

No. 22 Liam Bracken scored for Republic in the fourth quarter on a four-yard run, while #7 Daniel Phillips attempted the two point conversion but was unsuccessful.

Next up for the Titans is Selkirk with the game to be played in Harrington this Friday at 3 p.m.


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