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Letter to the Editor: Dreamers bring fresh outlook to everything


Dreamers: Some are called dreamers or lazy. But dreamers are seldom lazy. Their minds are always working, looking for answers to this, that or the other thing. Dreamers are explorers, constantly investigating things. They take things apart to see how they work or how they are made. For dreamers, [the word] “can’t” is not an option. They look at life with a half-full attitude. But where would the world be without them? They turn night into day, revolutionize how the world works, teach and inspire the world. They have a fresh look at old ways and create faster better ways. They welcome change, something new. So I say, believe in your dreamers and they will blossom. All it takes is one small spark to ignite the fire. Who knows what they might dream up?

Pat Gamache



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