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Letter to the Editor: Writer optimistic about D. Trump's presidency


Whew! It’s finally over, except for the shouting. Much of that from people who have been use to getting too many free things from our tax dollars. There are probably a large number of reactions from people who have been influenced by the increasing gap between the red and the blue.

I would like to remind you that we have elected previous presidents like Ronald Reagan, who was very unpopular for the first two years! He was so unpopular that it cost the red party during the mid-term election. He had inherited a real mess from Mr. Carter who is a good Christian, but he just didnt understand the enormity of the presidency.

We need to give Mr. Trump some time, because he has been very sucessful in the business world. I think his early choices for his cabinet are well chosen.

Do you think, as I do, that this was a must-win for the reds, as four more years of liberal polices would have caused irreparable damage?

Much will be written about why the election turned out this way. Will you help it go well?

Gerald W. Ray



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