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Local girl scout troop #3362 half way to goal


--Photo courtesy of Lyndsay Reyes.

Girl scouts Chloe Winkler, Mackenzie Lutz, Alyssa Iverson and Jocelyn Zigan load bags of clean, dry clothing and textiles into a storage shed as part of a fundraising effort for a trip this summer.

The Odessa Girl Scout Troop #3362 has teamed up with the Zion Emmanuel Lutheran Church to host a textile drive through Clothes for the Cause, a fundraising group that collects clothing, shoes, sheets, etc. and turns them into cash for fundraising organizations.

The girls of Troop #3362 started this drive in order to help them raise funds for a trip to Washington, D.C. planned for June of 2017. They have held multiple fundraisers already to help them meet a $16,000 goal. Each girl needs to raise a minimum of $2,000 for her portion of the trip before the March 10 deadline. They are currently over half way to that goal and are hoping to make a good portion of the remainder with Clothes for the Cause, which will take the donated items and pay Troop #3362 by the pound.

The girls are currently sponsoring a clothing contest at the school in which the class donating the most clothes/textiles will win an ice cream party.

Although this effort is a fundraiser, it is also helping the environment by keeping almost 100 percent of the donated items out of landfills. Items that cannot be used for clothing are repurposed into something else, such as jeans that become household insulation or a worn teddy bear that becomes car-seat stuffing.

Acceptable items are clothing that is new or gently used, shoes (in pairs only), towels, stuffed animals, hats, sheets, blankets, quilts, bedspreads, drapes, purses, belts. All items must be clean and dry and placed in a plastic bag that is tied shut.

Items that cannot be accepted by Clothes for the Cause are glass, breakables, electronics, pet beds, bed pillows, carpeting or throw rugs, uniforms, sewing scraps, hotel linens or items previously offered for sale at a thrift shop.

Don't wait until spring to do spring cleaning. Help out Girl Scout Troop #3362 and the environment by donating those clothes that are too small or out of style or even just no longer appealing.


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