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Letter to the Editor: Wealthy military Trump appointees defended


A large number of peole in the media world are unhappy because Mr. Trump is selecting too many generals and wealthy people for his cabinet.

Please stop and think about this! Mr. Trump is far more intelligent than what he displayed early in his campaign. He is choosing pepole who graduated from a military academy. Only the cream of the crop is accepted. They graduate as lieutenants and they start working their way through the ranks. Only a select few become generals.

After they have served their time they retire, and these people went into the business world and became very wealthy. How could you find better candidates than people who have been vetted at every level since entering a military college? We need people like these who will work with Congress to control the level of our debt ceiling.

Who could do a better job of searching through this huge budget to see where we could save without putting us in danger? We have too many federal programs that should be controlled at the state or county level.

Do you agree that we have a serious problem? Remember Bin Laden’s goal was to bankrupt our country!

Gerald W. Ray



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