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Letter to the Editor: Former student/teacher defends public schools


To the Editor:

As military brats, my sister and I attended government (U.S. Army) schools in Germany and at Fort Ord, Calif. We also went to public schools in Fayetteville, N.C.; Tacoma, Wash.; Lakewood, Wash.; Monterey, Calif.; and Albany, Ga. At each school we gained knowledge. My sister fulfilled her dream by going to business school; I achieved mine by going to university. We both worked and contributed to society.

For 42 years, I taught thousands of public school students. Almost all achieved their dreams, gained knowledge from public schools, and contributed to society through their careers.

Some in D.C. say that government/public schools give students no knowledge. These individuals are misinformed, uninformed or biased. Their claim about the failure of government/public schools is wrong.

Government/public schools have been and are the backbone of American success. Let’s always keep that real fact before us.

Duane Pitts,

Moses Lake


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