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One day this past week Gene and Pam Dietrich were seen entering their building, formerly known as the Harrington Haus, which had been taken off the market while the John Dempsey family were cleaning, clearing, repairing and rebuilding the interior of the establishment. Apparently Dempsey gave up interest in ownership of the building, as he was last seen headed for Oregon where he intended to drive truck for an occupation. The community is anxious to see what, if anything, will happen next to this historic building.

From the School Newsletter

This month’s “Titan News” from Harrington High School is a nine-page newsletter with great photos of the events, activities, classes and projects of K-12 classes. Highlighting the front page are two photos of the six seniors with the caption, “All six of our seniors passed their Senior Project Presentations.” The students are Colt Sanford, Riley Bradford, Alannah Foley, Caleb Behrens, James Mann and Kami Aiton.

Superintendent and principal Justin Bradford’s page is full of positive dialogue including, “We don’t always choose the circumstances in which we live—sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t—but we are always in control of how we respond to those circumstances.” His page states that there are 126 students who rely on the faculty and also their parents and families to provide emotionally and physically, as well as educational needs. He questions himself and his staff, “Are we doing this to the best of our abilities?” His challenge to the families: “Are we supporting our children as they head off to school every day, making sure they have had enough sleep and food and are ready to meet the challenges of the day? Bradford states his mission as, “In partnership with our community, Harrington School provides all learners with opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and experiences to become independent, self-disciplined, responsible citizens.”

Other pages include photos and activities of the preschool/pre-K class by teacher Susan Larmer, the Kindergarten class of Taunya Sanford, grades 1-2 of Rachel Roberts, and grades 3-4 of Tiffany Clouse. The Counselor’s Corner by Ginny Lathem is focused this month on preparing the junior class members for all of the requirements they will be facing as seniors next year. She writes, “Juniors will begin working on creating a profile on the website which serves as a clearing house for scholarships available to students in Washington State.” She also discusses the importance of ACT, SAT and SBAC testing scores. She suggests teamwork between the school and parents to increase the opportunities for success for the students. Science teacher Justin Ikehara’s page states that the chemistry students are “relating stoichiometry to cooking,” robotics students have researched how robots will change our community in the near future, seventh-graders are learning about CSI, eighth-graders are working on topographic maps, STEAM students are working on video productions using Adobe and biology students are researching GMO.

The PTA has a full-page ad for the Harrington PTA Quilt Raffle. Tickets are $3 each or two for $5. Having seen a gorgeous quilt of rainbow colors, it is not possible to pass up the opportunity of winning such an elegant item. A color photograph of the quilt is displayed on the Harrington City Hall door. This is another fund-raiser for the stage drapes. The quilt was constructed by Paula Pike, who purchased the pattern and selected the fabric and colors herself. (In a personal conversation, it was revealed that Paula learned to sew from her great aunt Pauline, when Paula was a mere five years of age. Later in life she spent about ten years in professional dressmaking. She stated that she loved the feel and smell of fabric and loves to create new pieces. And the other half of her story is that she finds it very rewarding to be able to share things that she makes with others and thus contribute to the community.) She is working in cooperation with the president of the PTA, Carolyn Mattozzi.

The flip side of the PTA page is “Sponsor the Yearbook” with a request of “only $25” for an individual sponsor or agricultural sponsor to have their name listed on a sponsor page in the yearbook.


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