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Letter to the Editor: Current problems said to originate long time ago


March 16, 2017

To the Editor:

Mr. Trump inherited a mess! The problems are not just from Mr. Obama! The immigration problem started prior to World War II when people were needed to work in the fields as men and women were needed for war effort.

Our infrastructure goes back to Ike’s presidency as his program made it so nice to travel! Too many thought that program would last forever!

Our military decimation goes back to the Clinton Era, and the Bush-Obama war efforts used without adequate replacement.

L.B.J. was the first administration that encouraged living off our government.

Reagan was president when he tried to fix Carter’s mess by borrowing too much money. Our national debt rose above the trillion mark and Mr. Obama added on enough to make it 20 trillion.

The erosion of our education system began in the early 70s when the Feds took control of education. I believe the majority of our thinking population wants local control of their tax money and their schools.

California has led the collection of states who have ignored federal laws.

Don’t you think it is time to insist people follow American laws? No more Shariah law!

Gerald W. Ray



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